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  1. Ah okay... these are all great tips...More thinking about doing the real estate piece on the side while working within government as counsel. My family has real estate brokers and I'd like to close some of their simple real estate deals - hence the question. Any other suggestions to go about it? As for the busyness aspect, I could always use a remote real law clerk also, right? More concerned about the insurance/ employer approval aspects.
  2. Anyone here have insights or experience on how you can mantain a small side real estate practice, while at the same time being an employee of a law firm/ government? Is that doable? Do employers have an issue with that (assuming of course its not a distraction) from your main line of work? Also, how do you navigate the insurance challenge? Because I understand insurance is paid by the employer, who won't cover the added real estate insurance, right? [Note: please feel free to move this post to the career section if that's a better fit]
  3. Are you able to operate your own law professional law corporation while saying working as a lawyer at a Bay St firm or as a MAG Counsel? For example, what if I have a small law prof corp which I use to close family / friends real estate deals. Assuming it does not interfere with my billables/work at my regular Bay St / Gov gig, am I allowed to do that? Is there any issue / LSO rule against doing that? Does it contravene any ethical rule? What would the LawPro implications be? Please advise
  4. Is this Scotia $125 LOC open only to select "Grade A" schools ? - however ridiculous that distinction is
  5. How fast did u the get acceptance letter in the mail, after you received the email notice?
  6. How did you get your acceptance letters? Where can I find the next steps for accepting an offer?
  7. Wait, if you are a grad student, do you have to submit transcripts again in the fall? What if your transcripts show you already graudated from undergrad and grad school??
  8. Damn... how did you know Western had access to all your docs? I cant even tell from their online system whether or not they have my latest Dec lsat and OLSAS docs
  9. How can you fix the formatting issue with TRU's online app? My PS appears as one big chunk paragraph. The spaces between my paragraphs don't show up when I "save and review" the app
  10. thanks for the reply Was just wondering cos Western made a wave of acceptances this past week, which was based on Dec scores. So it looks like schools are starting to make decisions on Dec scores already
  11. Is there any way of checking if Ottawa has all our documents in? When I log in, all I can see is that the app's status is "Under evaluation" and all are boxes checked. When will it change to reflect Dec lsat score as received?
  12. Is there any way of checking if Western has all your documents in? When I log in, all I can see is a 4 box table with the colored symbols above? How can I verify if they have all my docs and Dec LSAT? Is the best thing to call / email?
  13. Same issue. Dec LSAT seems to be updated. But everything else like transcripts, ref letters etc are not there. Those would be the items we sent back in Nov 1 though OLSAS
  14. In the supplementary form of the Dual app, there is the "Why are you applying to the Canadian & American Dual J.D. Program?" question. The word limit is not specified. Any idea how long our response should be? Is our response supposed to be very different from the "why law?" question that one might have already answered in the Windsor single JD app? thanks!
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