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    Based on the discussion I take it that grades need not be quite as high for trial level courts? B+ average would be ok? For someone interested in criminal and possibly family law work, would a trial level court provide a more useful experience for practice? And do these courts look for different qualifications/experience than appellate courts, or is that fairly consistent across the board?
  2. IllegalBeagle

    Govt summer student dress code

    Right, I realize that. I was just stating what I have so far. Thank you, conge, for the tips. That pretty much accords with what I was thinking would be appropriate. I have brown and black shoes (very cheap but I think they look fine) and a reversible brown/dark brown belt. I also have a couple pairs of dress pants but they are cheap and not very comfortable, so I would like to replace them with something a bit better. As you point out, clothes go a long way in creating confidence. For the first day, would it be best to err on the side of caution and go with a full suit to start with?
  3. IllegalBeagle

    Govt summer student dress code

    Looking for advice on what to wear on a daily basis for a summer student position with a government office. I currently have one charcoal suit, one white shirt and that's it. Wondering if I'd be better off investing my limited funds in another suit or more shirts/pants, or both. Interviewers have been dressed fairly casually, though they've mainly been women which makes it hard to gauge what I should wear as a man. Am I correct in assuming that a suit is not required every day? Any advice folks can provide would be much appreciated!
  4. IllegalBeagle

    Working hours and lifestyle

    Thanks a lot for all the feedback. It is a smaller city so I figure it will be closer to the 9-5 end of the scale but I'm certainly willing to put in a lot more than that if need be. I guess I'll err on the side of not asking, or maybe phrase it in the context of asking about how they integrate their board memberships/charitable work with the rest of the work day - I'll just have to play it by year. Thanks again for all your responses!
  5. IllegalBeagle

    Working hours and lifestyle

    Long time lurker, figured I'd finally join the fray. I've got several interviews for 1L summer jobs lined up over the break, in a smaller centre in Atlantic Canada. Is it appropriate to ask about work-life balance in these interviews? Seems like they'll be pretty informal with lots of time to ask questions, one of the firms is taking me out for lunch. I don't want to come off as a slacker, I'm just trying to come up with a list of good questions to ask and was curious about this.