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  1. What advice do you have for incoming students who don’t really have an idea of what area of law they want to practice?
  2. I think it’s a totally fair question, as new and inexperienced students the first place people often turn is google and the first thing that’ll often come up is those Maclean’s ratings. It’s great to get advice to not pay attention to these rankings, but without hearing that from other people it’s hard to know what to look at when choosing a law school!
  3. Thank you all for your replies! It’s good to hear that I shouldn’t pay too much the ranking system online, I kind of assumed the rankings didn’t have much meaning... each one is so different I really didn’t know what to go off of. Appreciate the help
  4. Just wondering if anybody has an idea of where to find updated/recent Canadian law school rankings? It seems like everything online is really out of date and not consistent. If anyone has any resources or knows anything about this please help! It would be a huge help in deciding which school to attend come September!
  5. accepted a couple of days ago! GPA with drops 3.89, LSAT 166. Does anybody know if this acceptance is conditional on anything? I'm finishing my last year of undergrad and want to know if my grades for the rest of the year even matter? How does this work now?
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