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  1. I guess I was hoping to have more of a conversation than merely gathering facts.
  2. I am curious as to which of the large, national firms have been formed through mergers and when those mergers happened.
  3. Yes this is regarding the Calgary OCIs. I wasn't aware beforehand that OCI dinners were a thing, so it is good to know that I can ask for an alternative as Ryn suggested.
  4. @angel133 I can certainly appreciate this for firm dinners that are scheduled along with in-firm interviews, but I am specifically wondering about dinners offered with OCI interviews.
  5. I just wanted to get a feel for how much weight is placed on OCI dinner invitations. I recognize they help you get to know the firm better and vice versa which is important; however, if you cannot attend due to a conflict, will that dramatically impact your chances of getting an in-firm interview? I realize that the answer to my question is likely yes; but I am hoping to hear from some members who have had to decline dinner invitations and still got in-firm interviews.
  6. @celli660 how do you know so much about investing?
  7. I went to decline one of my offers on OLSAS and now the system appears to be updating. I need to firm accept the school I wish to go to still, but i no longer seem to have access to any of the offers on OLSAS. The deadline is tomorrow and everything is closed!! Suggestions??
  8. I am still looking for a third roommate to join myself and another graduate student. Message me if you're interested.
  9. Would anyone be interested in a 3 bed place at Foundry Princess?
  10. Accepted! LSAT: 164 cGPA: 3.3 L2: unknown
  11. Accepted Friday! cGPA: 3.3 L2/B2: Not sure because I had a spring/summer term LSAT: 164
  12. I was just accepted to Ottawa yesterday as a mature student.
  13. Admitted today! cGPA: 3.3 LSAT: 164
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