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  1. Yes this is true; our caselaw draws more Ontario Court of Appeals cases and so-on; but learning the bar for other provinces isn't as a whole difficult. Connections and networks all else however may be harder and a different story. Lots of people at UO are from out west and out east and do not plan to become Ontarians in the long-term IMO.
  2. If you can justify the L2 as being substantively better; there is a chance at Queens and Western. I'd recommend applying as broadly as possible though.
  3. Man what is your problem dude? You sound incredibly insecure about your UG major. At the end of the day it really does not matter; poli-sci kids do average here but will be ruled out for IP/tech/other jobs usually while those like 3 compsci majors in law school (personally never met one) will get 6figure jobs.
  4. Man this is terribly dumb. Like the stupidest post I've seen in some time.
  5. Except I've spoken to Adcom people on this question after I was admitted. There are very few trained lawyers with technical backgrounds; the vast majority are of the same academic background and profile. Law schools aim for creating lawyers in all aspects and will admit comp sci and engineers at much higher rates.
  6. Usually with a "K". Complete opposite reaction when my sister or friends tell people they are in medicine. Law is great and all but as a group they aren't noticeably smarter than grad students in the sciences, and damn does some of us have a huge chip on our shoulders.
  7. Yes. Since you are applying in the fall you also have 2 more tries to hit 160+ just in case.
  8. LRT is not here yet and how slow the city seems to run in getting things operational; maybe in a few years. If you are going to downtown Ottawa the east-west runs very often; otherwise expect some pains in the winter. Its safe to live across the bridge or around sandy hill or byward however though; those are walking distance from the school.
  9. A Computer Science Major; as much as people say all majors are the same; will still be more respected by ad Adcom than humanities or life science (my major). Its what happens with engineering degrees who apply to law; its super easy to justify a shitty GPA if its a clearly complex and technical field. The UK degree in art history is also fantastic. If you get a 170 you would likely get into all of these options. There is a very important question I will ask though; is why you would choose Canada. Its rare for people without our legal system to come here; let alone non-Canadians. All my colleagues I've known who didn't go to a Canadian UG chose law here because of long-term immigration reasons (e.g. political/family/other reasons).
  10. My dude you are a highschool on a law students forum and asking for 1st Year UG recommendations. You should choose the right program not based on how you will be as a law applicant; and shouldn't even think about this question this early. I guess you'll grow into it during the next four years; but this kind of post and that username reeks of gunnerism. MacLeans is kind of useless as a basis for how employable you are or what you learn and so-on. Canadian schools are rarely if ever tiered the same way American ones are. These metrics were also built upon Faculty strength and citations which do not matter for undergrads generally. UofT/Sauders/Schulich are all grad-heavy and these do not play into UG strength so much but they are all still probably fantastic schools. I wouldn't really give these rankings much thought either; you'd also want to look into how you'd enjoy the schools; the kinds of unrelated or related experience available; your peers and so-on. I use to live near WLU for example and in the last 5 years it has turned into a full blown a party school and much less academic and way more into weekday drinking then McMaster. Students are way less serious outside of Lazaridis and seem way less mature and way more bro-ish than the kids at Mac.
  11. Just to clarify; my school has a weird mega curve system (UO), and there are no numbers. Anyways the C was in Torts; a black-letter and which is higher-weighted then my other courses. I am right below the B+ range but above the 6.0 (B) average. Other than that I had 3 B+, 2 A- in PubCon, Contracts, Property , Legal Research and Crim which is above median but a B in DIspute Resolution (B+ average curve). I can't shake off the feeling of being megafucked for the OCIs by one grade. EDIT: I am interested in mostly BigLaw and my profile seems to have specialized in IP given my current faculty research job.
  12. Just got my marks. I am in the B+/A- range but had a hard drop with one grade that put me right below the B+/Top20% threshold. Course was a C in a black-letter course, otherwise I had a series of B+s/A-s in the other first year courses. Does this sink my prospects for OCIs?
  13. Detroit Mercy is ridiculously expensive for such a low-ranked school though. You can apply for a Canadian-US dual degree here after first year and get a dual degree with Washington College of Law in DC/Michigan State which are good T2/3s : https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/programs/combined-programs/canadian-american-dual-jd-program
  14. Student Proposed Internships are a credited semester basically working for some organization/group/etc. It can be with anyone who has Bar Standing; so you'll see SPIs with non-profits; with corporations; and everything else. January Intensive is fun; its a bit weighted towards submissions and the actual mediations/arbitrations you are assigned are not so marked but those are fantastic learning experiences. There are more elaborate ones in upper-year including a simulation trial; international arbitration practicums and so-on. If you have an interest as a litigator; the school is the literal best Moot School in Canada and regularly quash Oxbridge/T14s in global moots. With that said, UVic is fantastic; and you should generally go to where you want to work.
  15. There are so many. You will absolutely not be unique in anyway; granted you are privileged in IP which is lately one of the biggest in demand areas. I've met people who: a) had PhDs in Lifesci b) worked for national research councils as a scientist c) worked for big pharma with a masters. Have also met endless amounts of MsC students.
  16. By the way; the way they teach students to write in humanities does not translate well at all in law school. The more relevant fields are the Public-Policy oriented fields; or the empirical-based social science (e.g. research-oriented sociology, etc.) I've taken lots of humanities courses, and professors are not so fond of nicely-written nothings that I would have written in a comparative lit course. They are more oriented towards the "Prove X with Evidence" type of thinking (remember, the Law = Facts + Rules) rather than the "words for the sake of dialogue or discussion" that a lot of humanities majors teaches.
  17. STEM fields are lately; a major source of the recruitment fields these days. Every single year draws a bigger STEM class; primarily from life science so recruitment boards seem to have started considering this major more significantly. My school was a little over a 1/10th from a STEM, and there are a disproportionate number of chem and bio grad students here. STEM kids learn how to do technical writing write off the bat, know to use the most minimal words to express points, know how to take an analytical approach and most STEM programs try to cultivate systemic ways of thinking. These are arguably some of the biggest advantages in law school.
  18. Two-Bedroom is a bit difficult for 1400 but definitely, you can find one provided you have furniture. You absolutely should not drive unless willing to fork over the $1500 per 8 months.
  19. Technoship Projects and Santeeships almost exclusively are for English JD. Few Civil Law students end up getting them. uOttawa has stronger fields relative to Queens; sure; but the Family Law side should not be discounted.
  20. https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/sites/commonlaw.uottawa.ca/files/2016_common_law_ar_web_final_en.pdf They are supposed to do this every year. Our school kinda suffers from administrative issues. This was also prior to the recent growth in legal demand.
  21. Stats for placement hover over 90 % btw including the more difficult to get jobs for french JDs. We do not have the latest fancy report because of the administrative show being slow and inefficient(uOttawa-wide) but there was one in 2016.
  22. French isnt an absolute necessity and you can learn it to a level of competency within that time frame but will primarily be in english. Remember that the same thing happens for the goverment, many of my friends went fed without french but learn it to cert level after 1-2 years.
  23. Nah. We arent super strong on this angle. Ours is more the tech/health/public/international/environment angle if anything. We serve a weird auxilliary role to the feds and scc and arent thoroughly business and social justice strong as the GTA schools.
  24. Btw also our public law and international law group are absolute experts with dual experience. We have a former AG teaching a 1L class and get rotations and thematics(e.g. a refugee law group taught by a group of refugee lawyers). Sorry but your basis of betterness is just bad. There are tradeoffs sure and I absolutely hate the lack of space but Ottawa has advantages that are unfortunately poorly advertised (admin is a whole different story from the fantastic faculty).
  25. We have literally the only major scc interveners here and the best tech law roster and the deepest environmental law one . most canadian lawyers know about ecojustice, cippic, etc. but few know about Queens ones. Our clinics are interveners in 75% of scc cases. There is a reason the feds usually ask uo profs to talk before parliamentary committees and UO profs are the ones defining internet law atm. There are like 80 winter term research jobs for 1L and substantial hires for the summer since civ and french common dont really get our opportunities. Btw we have strong connections with the SCC as Ive literallu had a lecture from THE criminal law sitting SCC judge. We have speaker events 3 times a week and every scc judge has given a talk this year too. Ottawa has much stronger connections and a bigger legal community since there are practicums and internships during the year, but I do agree i know nothing about family law and it isnt featured prominently.
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