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  1. Yeah it absolutely will depend on your school. There is nothing wrong with wearing this in law school since I see it often and during exam season will just wear hoodies. My school served as a "revolving door" and we get near daily speaker events; you will certainly see professional lawyers roaming the halls. Result is people start going a bit more conservative in their wear.
  2. All of my professors wear suits almost daily, some less than full tie (e.g. sport-coats). Most of my professors have non-law school functions being in Ottawa though (e.g. former Ministers, high-ranking bureaucrats who still have some role in government).
  3. These aren't mutually exclusive categories, you can be both socially progressive and fiscally conservative. A huge portion of the PC party are. There's an interesting note, that the vast majority of CEOs in the US/business republicans were surveyed to have fallen clearly within the Social Liberal category (e.g. supporting gay marriage, pro-choice, etc.). Social conservatives/nationalism-lite/alt-right. are pretty shunned since it goes against cosmopolitan pluralism.
  4. I'm going to recommend you join the Uottawa law student housing FB/main student groups. Wait for people to ask for roommates and grab them, although now its still relatively early in the cycle. Lots of people I know did this.
  5. Prestige isn't that much of a thing for Ontario; biglaw firms do not see a B from osgoode as equivalent to an A or anything at Queens. Osgoode is certainly the oldest but not necessarily a tier above any other ones. With that said; I'm not Kingston's biggest fan and turned down Queens last year. They are fantastic for corporate though but don't have a roster depth in other areas of law. Osgoode from what I understand has a thriving social justice scene nowadays.
  6. @onepostAll Canadian universities are ABA approved.
  7. Get a navy or charcoal suit. Other than that; business casual no-tie attire will make you fit in and appear savvy. Every other day wear as you please. Avoid being overtly laid back; e.g. sweat pants and so-on do not leave good impressions. Attire is quite reflective of our professors who are almost always suited up; so avoid dressing up like you are going to hang out on Venice Beach.
  8. Try all of them. My personal bank gave me my line; but the others did not. They have transaction history for me.
  9. Parking is 20 bucks a day. I've had 2 friends who did this and abandoned it after the first semester. You will pay 400 in parking a month which is not pleasant.
  10. Its about 15-20k. They hand out bursaries for OSAPers too.
  11. Lots of people this age in law school. I've known people who were mid career and doing very well and decided to jump onto the law wagon.
  12. You'll be fine. I had a 3 point drop this time around last year.
  13. UOttawa doesn't do L2 as much as Queens and Western. You should apply to Queens next cycle. Western might accept you as well.
  14. I didn't get in with 91.3x index at UBC, but you should probably be in at a few places. UBC is very year dependent e.g. some cycles are tough, some are not.
  15. Most people in law school are within the social progressive spectrum, including the conservatives. The difference is usually economic disagreements half the time. Don't forget our mainstream right wing party calls themselves Progressive. I honestly do not find politics a big thing here; people are amicably centrist and functionalist rather than partisan and ideological.
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