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  1. I think the concern is whether Bay Street may value a UC-Irvine law degree over an Osgoode one in the future, but you are probably correct.
  2. Moved cities, six hours away. Lots of my colleagues did too since we are from southern Ontario heading northwards. Love the people there, love the city on some days but goddamn is it bleak and winters harsh. Other than that Canadian cities are not different worlds and you adjust to cities quite easily.
  3. I have met three solicitors who had excellent London legal careers in the big firms who move here for whatever reason (although I speculate its due to an unfortunate little referendum). They are in law school to fulfil bar requirements here (typically a year of courses) and are in the same courses as 1Ls. The schools aren't oriented towards a "level playing field" or anything of that matter; they care about training lawyers for the right firms and niches. If you interested in practicing in the US, I will also recommend probably going to UofT or UBC, as they have excellent name recognition abroad.
  4. Two points I will make. First is there is usually a mature crowd with full careers before them returning, lots of parents and people wanting to do a degree mid-way through. Its the same deal in medicine really; and it reflects the culture where there is a more mature attitude. Second, younger crowds adjust, not the other way most of the time. Law students typically are a bit more mature; but most start picking up professional and more "mature" ways of socialization. People also generally are more open-minded in law school than say undergrad too. It will be a certain hassle doing some stuff you absolutely do not need, e.g. first year crim and pubcon and so-on but we have engineers among us with full work experience and six-figure incomes going back to work IP. I am guessing he will likely start with a way higher income than regular JDs, since he's already super specialized and will probably be thrown into the complex IP cases. IP is a weird world full of brainiacs so I'm told but I the few lawyers I've met have like 4 degrees each.
  5. Common actually for engineers going into IP specializations. I've met 3-4 similar to you, super qualified people who are picked up into IP firms dealing in a specific area. Your age is actually also pretty common and you have a full advantage over the KD to JD crowd. You should take a look at the career paths of a few IP and non-IP lawyers in the big firms, a handful will have a PhD and unusual career trajectories.
  6. There is a FB for everyone. https://www.facebook.com/groups/uOttawaLawHousingAndFurniture/ Many people found roommates from other 1Ls through FB, a few of my friends did and have made friends with them. I will recommend you room with people from other sections or large sections as a matter of keeping work and home separate and all that. Certainly helps with bridging with other sections.
  7. Are you from Saskatchewan or Manitoba? Not to ask too many personal questions but we heard quite a bit on the whole Monsanto Schmeizer affair, e.g. how it really went down from a professor with local connections. It was an interesting contrast to the ruling.
  8. I know nothing of working in IP Law Toronto directly but @TheScientist101 is currently in that industry. Going to page him for some input.
  9. Yes this is true; our caselaw draws more Ontario Court of Appeals cases and so-on; but learning the bar for other provinces isn't as a whole difficult. Connections and networks all else however may be harder and a different story. Lots of people at UO are from out west and out east and do not plan to become Ontarians in the long-term IMO.
  10. If you can justify the L2 as being substantively better; there is a chance at Queens and Western. I'd recommend applying as broadly as possible though.
  11. Man what is your problem dude? You sound incredibly insecure about your UG major. At the end of the day it really does not matter; poli-sci kids do average here but will be ruled out for IP/tech/other jobs usually while those like 3 compsci majors in law school (personally never met one) will get 6figure jobs.
  12. Man this is terribly dumb. Like the stupidest post I've seen in some time.
  13. Except I've spoken to Adcom people on this question after I was admitted. There are very few trained lawyers with technical backgrounds; the vast majority are of the same academic background and profile. Law schools aim for creating lawyers in all aspects and will admit comp sci and engineers at much higher rates.
  14. Usually with a "K". Complete opposite reaction when my sister or friends tell people they are in medicine. Law is great and all but as a group they aren't noticeably smarter than grad students in the sciences, and damn does some of us have a huge chip on our shoulders.
  15. Yes. Since you are applying in the fall you also have 2 more tries to hit 160+ just in case.
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