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  1. With 2L recruit using law student's grades from first semester of 2L this year, things are a bit different. I don't know what type of law I want to practise, so I was going to take a variety of courses (some litigation focused and then some corporate). If you're shooting for a Bay Street firm, will they care what classes I took, or more so care about what grades I got? Is taking a mix of classes the best strategy at this point?
  2. I also got another email today saying: __________________________________ Re: Refund Payment A payment has been processed to you. Attached is the transfer copy for your confirmation and digital signature. LOGON to complete. Martina Marlene De Thomasis For Account Payable / Controller/CFO © 2019: Uwo College _________________________________ I don't know what I would get money back for...I haven't even paid my full tuition yet. Can anyone confirm if this is fake?
  3. Hi everyone I’m feeling like this may be a dumb question, but are all classes for law students in the law building? Or will some be in other buildings on campus?
  4. How were the apartments at kipps - were they nice? Balconies? Carpets?
  5. Waitlisted yesterday - no email just changed on student centre. CGPA: 3.32 L2: 3.5 LSAT: 149,160,161 Filled out Part B
  6. Can anyone comment on whether a lot of law students live alone? Also, I notice in threads people say certain buildings have a lot of law students in them, does it benefit to be in a building with other students - or does it not really matter? Thanks!
  7. No it doesn’t affect your chances with other schools - you can be on multiple wait lists at once. You aren’t accepting any actual offer on Oasis. Last year I was waitlisted at western and still got on the queens waitlist a couple weeks afterwards.
  8. Rejected April 4 cGPA: 3.34 l2: 3.5 LSAT: 149,160,161 Access (although I didn’t fill out their forms)
  9. Thank you that is so sweet!!! So excited!
  10. Thanks! Nope not yet, just saw it on my student centre
  11. Just got the green check mark! CGPA: 3.32 L2: 3.5 LSAT: 149,160,161 Access
  12. I spoke to someone about this not long ago when looking to get some more info about life on the queens campus. There’s also another similar thread somewhere on here. Apparently the Western law building is quite old and not nice. I read a student experience that they hate having to spend so much time in the library as is and that it makes it worse that the law building isn’t great. On the other hand I’ve heard that the queens law building is supposed to be very nice and recently renovated - I’ve seen photos online.
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