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  1. I am still waiting for mine to update as well!
  2. I decided on residence because everything else seemed so far away. Did you find somewhere yet?
  3. I am doing it! I heard it is hard too, but I think it will prepare us for law school and give us a head start compared to those who do not attend
  4. I am! I was thinking of making a facebook group too
  5. @ScotiabankLawAdvisor for scotia's professional student LOC - how many years do you have to pay back the loan?
  6. I am in the same situation OP, my exchange grades from my third year are pass/fail because of the ECTS system in Europe. Due to this, I do not have an "L2" on Olsas (if you are applying in Ontario). I assume they do not calculate it because it would be inaccurate to say your L2 consists of "2nd year, 3rd year 2nd semester, and 4th year 1st semester" (as you said) because ideally, it is not your L2... I would talk to your law school advisor if you have one to ask if you could do what you said or if you would count third and fourth year grades excluding the exchange - I'm not sure!! keep me updated though!!
  7. I got a call today from the Dean but unfortunately, I missed the call. I haven't received an email. Anyone have any idea if this is acceptance?
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