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  1. TheMoneyTeam

    Accepted to Osgoode Hall 2018

    Did you receive the notification in an email?
  2. TheMoneyTeam

    Dean of Law Entrance Scholarship

    I have not yet accepted my offer to Western. I'm still considering Osgoode and will be making my decision after I visit each school. However, this scholarship offer will definitely be a large factor in my decision-making process. To be completely transparent, I was quite shocked to have received such a large scholarship offer, considering that I have not accepted the offer yet and that I have a lower LSAT score. Good luck to you!
  3. TheMoneyTeam

    Dean of Law Entrance Scholarship

    I was also notified earlier today that I have been offered the Dean of Law Entrance Scholarship. My stats are a 162 LSAT and 3.92 cGPA.
  4. TheMoneyTeam

    Accepted to Osgoode Hall 2018

    Accepted this morning! LSAT - 162 cGPA - 3.90
  5. TheMoneyTeam

    In Queue 2018

    In the queue as of January 10th. OLSAS cGPA - 3.90 LSAT - 162 (Dec.)
  6. TheMoneyTeam

    Dec LSAT score still not available on OLSAS?

    This is still the case for me as well.
  7. Just got my score back today. I’m posting here because I’m wondering whether or not I should re-write in February. What are my chances? Appreciate any response.