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  1. Sorry to hear that. Western sends out rejections before all offers are completed?
  2. So if it says "application received", it means you're not in queue?
  3. I don't think you should be contacting the schools, they should receive it from OLSAS automatically. This is from UT's tumblr: 2. LSAT UPDATES December Test Takers Although you’ve already received your scores from the LSAC, we have not yet received them via OLSAS. Please be patient and allow the normal process to occur, from which we should receive the scores by mid-January. http://84queenspark.tumblr.com/
  4. UT says they receive it from OLSAS in mid Jan.
  5. Oh cool, mine's up too!
  6. Hey guys, just checking if anyone else is in the same boat: my OLSAS still doesn't have my LSAT score from December yet.
  7. No score on my OLSAS yet either.
  8. Wait so, schools don't see our December LSAT score yet?
  9. No scores on my account yet, but I do see the Twitter post though.
  10. Would they receive it before we see it on LSAC?
  11. Would I be included in the first waves I wrote my first LSAT 4 days ago (Dec 2017 LSAT), or would it have to be after marks come out in Jan?