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  1. Thanks for your reply! Do 1Ls have a term paper at that time, or anything else I would need to focus on?
  2. Do law students have time to travel during the February reading week? Is it a busy time where we'll need to actually use that week to catch up?
  3. Just declined my offer, so there should be a spot up for grabs. Good luck to those still waiting!
  4. I just declined my offer to Ottawa! I hope the spot goes to someone here, good luck everyone!
  5. I just declined my offer to Queens, I hope someone here gets it! Good luck to all those waiting.
  6. I am also currently undecided between Western and Osgoode. My situation is very similar to yours, but additionally my family lives in London so I wouldn't have to pay for rent if I went to Western. I'll add a bit of my thoughts. I went to both Western and Osgoode's open house and I found Western's to be a lot more welcoming. I had faculty and students approach me whereas at Osgoode the environment appeared a bit cold. There didn't seem to be many students or faculty around to talk to besides the ones giving the presentation in the sessions. During Osgoode's open house one of their panels boasted about the schools reputation of collegiality... I'm not sure how much I buy into that. However, I was impressed by Osgoode's number of clinics. However, I'm not sure if that makes it easier for students to have experiential experience at Osgoode than at Western which only has 5 or 6 clinics. Obviously the student to clinic ratio is different at both schools. Apprx. 350 students for 19 clinics at Osgoode vs. 160 students for 5/6 clinics at Western (if you only consider 1Ls).
  7. Does anyone know what the Welcome Day schedule looks like? Can you pick and choose what you want to do, or is there a set timeline for everything?
  8. Thank you for responding and congratulations! I actually received an email from admissions as well today regarding the dean of law scholarship!
  9. Received the email yesterday LSAT: 162 cGPA: 3.83 L2: 3.86
  10. I just received my acceptance package in the mail! It doesn't mention anything about conditions, it just has the 2 letters you see on your student centre, as well as some instructions on financial aid, scholarships/bursaries, how to accept the offer, pay for deposit and tuition, etc.
  11. On Western's website it states that the Dean of Law Entrance Scholarship is "awarded to students entering first year Law based on academic excellence in pre-law studies and other achievements. Value $5,000 to $20,000. The number of scholarships will vary annually." As well, it states that "Dean of Law Entrance scholarships are awarded in March on the basis of academic merit." I know this is premature, but knowing the finances will help me decide which school to attend. I was wondering if any current or past Western Law students would be able to shed some light on this topic. If you received a Dean of Law Entrance Scholarship what were your stats? Do you know how many people receive other Named Scholarships (I know these are given out after we have to firm accept)? Thanks in advance!
  12. Received the email today around 9am EST! LSAT: 162 cGPA: 3.83 L2/B2: 3.86 strong LORs, average ECs Went into Queue Nov 20th.
  13. Thank you! I hope you hear from AdComm soon! 2 strong LORs (both from professors I worked closely with) and average ECs (leadership roles in a few clubs, part-time job)
  14. Status just changed as well! LSAT: 162 cGPA: 3.83 L2: 3.86 Western Undergrad, general category, surname starts with H
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