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    Tax Lawyers

  2. 1300vancouver

    Tax Lawyers

    And I am mainly interested in tax planning, but open to considering the litigation side.
  3. 1300vancouver

    Tax Lawyers

    Thank you everyone for the replies. I should have specified I am out of law school and presently articling. In law school I took tax and trusts, but mostly focussed on corporate law. It's only recently, through my articling experience, that I realized how much I love tax. Does anyone have experience with the job market for tax associates just finishing articles (should my firm not be hiring)? I also was looking into the CPA In-Depth course. Is it worth it? Besides obtaining as much exposure to tax during articles as possible, is there any supplementary education/training etc that would make me a stronger candidate or perhaps showcase my genuine interest?
  4. 1300vancouver

    Tax Lawyers

    Does anyone have advice for someone looking to become a tax lawyer? Are there particular experiences or education I should be seeking out?