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  1. I only had two months to study, so I started off by writing the June 2007 practice test so that I knew what would be the best bang for my buck. From there I worked through the relevant PowerScore book during the week on my free evenings and then wrote one practice test every weekend under real test conditions. I added a random multiple choice section from another test so that I was completing 5 new multiple choice sections each practice run. After each test I would review all of the questions I got wrong and make sure I fully understood my errors. I also downloaded a free iPhone app from Varsity Tutors and ran through their three complimentary Questions of the Day for each subject during my lunch breaks. For me, that was enough to keep the test prep fresh in my mind without burning out. In two months, I went from 157 on the diagnostic to 167 on the actual test. I spent around 8-10 hours a week studying.
  2. TheMountain

    Accepted to Alberta 2018

    Received an email as well. 167 LSAT 3.64 L2
  3. TheMountain

    Accepted to UVic 2018

    Got the call today! cGPA 3.57/4.33 (self-calculated, with drops) LSAT 167 Application was submitted mid-October, and forwarded for review a couple of weeks later. Last week status changed to "Law- to Committee for review".