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  1. Lawfulwaffle

    Pending Review

  2. Lawfulwaffle

    Facebook Group?

    Someone who attended the Welcome Day this week mentioned that they would possibly create one. Also one of the Bora Laskin clubs said they would do it, but not until July/August.
  3. Lawfulwaffle

    Applicant information from Windsor leaked

    It's interesting how they blamed a singlular employee, it protects them from class action.
  4. Lawfulwaffle

    Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    You also need to recognize that some people are new to these threads and if you had a problem, you could have kept on scrolling or simply asked. Speaking to people in such a demeaning way is unnecessary and uncalled for.
  5. Lawfulwaffle

    Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    Don't worry. Email took a little less than a full day and status update/follow up email on myinfo 2 days later and OLSAS has not been updated whatsoever. You'll get confirmation soon though
  6. Lawfulwaffle

    Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    Looks like today is a busy day for admissions! Congrats guys
  7. Lawfulwaffle

    Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    Because lawschoolhopeful2017 didn't actually ask for it. It costs nothing to be respectful!
  8. Lawfulwaffle

    Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    LSAT 151 GPA 3.61
  9. Yeah they said in the email I received today deadline is in line with OLSAS April 2nd.
  10. Lawfulwaffle

    Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    Also got the call yesterday at 1:25pm! Same LSAT score too! 151. Waiting for my Dec LSAT results.
  11. Got a call yesterday with an offer of acceptance to the Bora Laskin Faculty of Law so the admissions process has already begun! Sept LSAT:151 Dec LSAT: Still waiting It had to have been my softs...