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  1. KermitK

    Accepted to Queen's 2018

    Congratulations to everyone! Also in with 3.83 cGPA and 166 LSAT. Will most likely be declining. Good luck!
  2. KermitK

    Chances 170/3.3/Unique Personal Statement

    Just to clarify, what @RNGesus said was that Ottawa is a cGPA focused school, and as such an improvement in your LSAT score a few points above 170 wouldn't make much of a difference.
  3. KermitK

    Accepted to Osgoode Hall 2018

    Once you're in queue it'll say this on OASIS (same place as it says your application was received). "Your file is in queue for review. Status updates and decisions will be posted to OASIS in due course. We appreciate your continued interest in Osgoode Hall Law School."
  4. KermitK

    Accepted to Osgoode Hall 2018

    Another pleasant surprise this morning! Accepted yesterday, email/OASIS today. Went into queue on the 15th. LSAT - 166 cGPA - 3.83 Surname K. Congrats to those accepted, good luck to those still waiting!
  5. KermitK

    Accepted to U of T 2018

    Didn't think I'd get in today as it got closer to 5 but I got the call about 10 mins ago (4:45)! LSAT - 166 cGPA - 3.83 Congrats everyone and good luck to everyone waiting!
  6. KermitK

    Accepted to Western 2018

    Accepted as well! LSAT - 166 cGPA - 3.83