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  1. Yeah I'm still going to give February a go - I'm confident I can improve.
  2. The experience was rather distressing for me, and I came here for support. What you may have intended to be light-hearted humor actually sounded quite unsympathetic and came across as ridicule. In particular, your comments about LSAT scores' correlation with practice seemed to discount my efforts in preparing for the test. It was rude of me to address you the way I did, and I apologize. I suppose it was an impulsive response to what I perceived to be a condescending and belittling jab. If there are any hard feelings I hope they can be put aside.
  3. Hey chief, I wasn't really looking for a snide and sarcastic remark - just advice as to whether I should keep my score. Thanks though!
  4. Hi friends, I received the same e-mail this morning. My December LSAT score hadn't been posted, so I called OUAC and they said the recent December scores would likely be rolling out starting in January. Now, under 'Document Tracking,' I was curious as to whether the 'overall GPA' indicates one's cumulative GPA or that from the last two years. It was my understanding that both are taken into account, but as of right now, just the one statistic is posted on the portal.
  5. I was about to ask the same thing; I got an e-mail notification saying it had been posted, but upon looking, realized that the score posted is the abismal 147 I received 2 years two years ago. Will this be rectified?
  6. Hey friends, Sorry its been a while since I've circled back on this thread. I took your posts into consideration and ended up not cancelling my score. I got my results back, and while the score wasn't a home run, it was one that should make me a competitive candidate for some of the schools I applied to (and perhaps marginally competitive for others). Thank you for all your encouragment! AE
  7. Hi friends, I apologize if this post is a bit lengthy, but I need some advice in light of my circumstances. I wrote the LSAT a couple of years ago a bit naive and unprepared, and ended up coming out with a 147. After getting cold feet with applications, and instead spending the last couple years in a Master's program, I've decided to take another shot at law school. I've completed applications, and though I've indicated on OLSAS that I intend to write the LSAT in both December and February, I was hoping I would score competitively enough in December that I'm not relying on a last-ditch effort in February. In the week leading up to the December exam, I had been scoring in the 157-161 range, and was feeling quite good that this score would at least keep me in the race until I can potentially improve in February. Anyhow, I had a setback during the December sitting that I'm worried has left me in a bad spot for my applications. To make a long story short, I came down with a case of the nerves, and by the time section 1 had started, I had to use the washroom so badly that I couldn't fully concentrate. This happened in spite of the fact that I had used the washroom just before being seated. After getting about halfway through the section, I put up my hand and tore off to the washroom, sacrificing a couple minutes before coming in and completing the remainder of the section - save for about 5 questions. While I didn't finish any shorter of the finish than I generally do in prep testing, I'm worried that my focus was compromised and that I perhaps got some of the questions I completed incorrect. I'm also worried that this affected my composure for the rest of the test. I wondered about cancelling my score, but given that one of the four schools I have applied to does not accept an LSAT score later than December 2017, I'm worried that cancelling might leave me in a worse spot than otherwise (i.e. only reported score would be a 147). I'm afraid, however, that if this score does indeed come out poorly, I will be a write off should my application cross any desk before a February score is reported. I suppose my question is: am I better off cancelling and improving in February, or should I let the score stand, and run the risk of applying with two poor scores and a (hopefully) improved one? I am just uncertain of what kind of red flags are raised if I have a record of, say, 147, low-150s, and low-160s versus a record of just 147, and low-160s. I hope I've articulated the situation and my questions clearly - any help would be deeply appreciated. Regards
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