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  1. Does anyone have any insights into what the chances of being accepted off the waitlist are? Seems like there's a numbered ranking at Ottawa that gives people a good idea if they're going to get in or not. Do many people get in from the Osgoode waitlist over the course of the summer?
  2. I don't know if there is a big wave left, but I just glanced at last year's accepted thread and it seems like May 25 and June 8 were days with a decent amount of movement in 2018
  3. I applied Access and haven't heard anything yet, still Under Evaluation. I've been waitlisted at Osgoode so I'm hoping that means my application is good enough to be at least waitlisted at Ottawa as well at the end of the month, since they seem to have similar class sizes and a holistic look at applications.
  4. Ah, sorry to hear that. I just checked your thread and my stats are nearly identical to yours, and I'm also a mature applicant. Haven't had my status change yet but I guess I should expect a decision one way or the other soon.
  5. When the waitlisted people are notified, will they be given their status or ranking on the list right away, or is that rolled out later?
  6. Waitlisted this morning. LSAT 164, cGPA ~3.0, applied as a Mature student
  7. Is the only form of communication for Accept/Reject through an email notification? Has anyone received a rejection email yet?
  8. I'm still under evaluation for Access. Applied as a mature student. 3.2, 164. I also applied to UNB but have not heard anything back. Actually haven't heard back from any of the schools I applied - Ottawa, Queens, Osgoode and UNB. Either in queue or pending or under evaluation, but I guess it's not a rejection...yet. Hoping to at least get on the waitlist in a couple places, but Ottawa is my top choice for sure.
  9. Nope, still in queue. Went in on March 3rd. Applied as mature, 3.2, 165 fwiw
  10. Also went in queue March 4th. Filled out part B. They might be looking at a pool of mature candidates?
  11. Did you get an email notification that your status changed, or just checked through Oasis?
  12. Mine changed on the 22nd and I am in the mature category as well
  13. I've had this happen too. My "Application Received" status is the same, but the date changed from early December to January 22nd yesterday. Does it mean anything about movement on your file?
  14. Any updates in the last couple weeks? Haven't seen anything here since Dec 21, just wondering if this is a quiet period in the first round of offers. I know the deadline for some to accept is Jan 31.
  15. Thank you for the reply. I'll make sure to get that application in early!
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