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  1. Makes more sense for me to stay put in Ottawa for the first year due to family situation, but there will be lots of people moving to Fredericton and I think it'll probably be advantageous to be there for larger study groups/resources and such. I'll be excited to get on campus next year when things open up more (hopefully)
  2. I didn't find out I was rejected at Ottawa last year until the end of July. Agonizing wait.
  3. Email first, then the portal updated a few hours later
  4. Accepted today! Discretionary (mature applicant), not sure about my GPA calculation but I had a strong upward trend, LSAT 164 Ontario resident but originally from the east coast
  5. I'm a Discretionary applicant and got accepted this week. Hopefully that means there's more movement over the next little while for those waiting. Good luck all!
  6. Maybe this is for another thread, but I was wondering if it's possible to defer on an offer if you were waitlisted first? I know deferrals are granted on a case by case basis, but wasn't sure if it's a for-sure "No" if you were accepted off the waitlist late.
  7. Refused this afternoon. Just checked uOzone. Access applicant, cGPA 3.0, L2 3.5 (degree from Memorial), LSAT 164. Not sure what's next, will ask for feedback. Might try to gain 4 or 5 points on the LSAT in December or enroll in a couple courses at uOttawa to keep bringing my GPA up and try again. Waitlisted at UNB so we'll see what happens.
  8. No. Those two words are burned into my brain at this point
  9. That's awesome. Congrats! Definitely gives me a bit of hope as I'm still Under Evaluation. Was this your first cycle of applying to law schools?
  10. No there doesn't appear to be. The email I got was about if I wanted to join the waitlist, then on my file this morning it said pretty much what you just posted. Does anyone know how many people typically get accepted from the waitlist for UNB? I know their class size is smaller than other schools.
  11. Got the email yesterday about joining the waitlist, so I guess they're still adding to it, which perhaps means there's some movement left. Does UNB release rankings for the waitlist?
  12. How do you know? I still haven't had my status change beyond "Thank you for your completed application" so I'm hoping I'm one of those who gets an email next week if that's the case.
  13. Yeah I'm pretty sure the class being full is, like, the whole point of the waitlist.
  14. I don't know for sure, but I don't think they reject off the waitlist. Classes just eventually start and you're either in by that time or not.
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