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  1. NeelR

    1L Textbooks

    Dispute Resolution Readings and Case Studies (Fourth Edition) John Kleefeld, Julie MacFarlane, John Manwaring, Ellen Zweibel, Marina Pavlovic, Anthony Daimsis, Edmond Montgomery Publications. A Property Law Reader: Cases, Questions and Commentaries (Fourth Edition) Bruce Ziff, Jeremy de Beer, Douglas Harris and Margaret McCallum, Thomas Reuters Publishing. I'm interested in both of these! I can take them this week depending on your location
  2. Hi guys, Maybe this is an obvious thing that I'm having a hard time figuring out but is the English JD an undergraduate level program? If so, is it the "Common Law" one? I'm looking under the tuition fee estimator of the UOttawa website. Also, I wasn't able to find it on the OSAP website. Thanks!
  3. Just got the email! OLSAS gpa: 3.76 LSAT 161 P.s. the day it changes the update date again but it still says "under evaluation" for your status is when they look at your file, I think. It said "Updated:January 31st" for me and I got the acceptance today so I thought this might help those still waiting Definitely accepting! Good luck everyone!
  4. Now my file says "Last Update: January 31, 2018" but it still says under evaluation?
  5. Thank you! This makes me feel much better!
  6. Hi, I'm starting to wonder if I should be losing my mind as I've been under evaluation for months or if this means anything for my chances. Stats: Cgpa 3.76, b2, 3.81, LSAT 161. Any advice would be appreciated!
  7. I've applied to Ottawa U, I have about 15 extra curricular activities throughout undergrad- animal shelters, disability awareness group, environmental groups, undergrad moot team, volunteering for the CBA among others and my personal statement is catered to Ottawa U. I've applied in the general category. Thanks!
  8. Do you think it'll be late in the cycle? and thank you to both replies!
  9. I'm applying to Ottawa U, common law, general applicant, personal statement catered to the school and about 15 volunteer activities throughout undergrad. Thanks!
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