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  1. To give a different perspective from a full-service Toronto firm, I very rarely received emails on the weekend as a summer student. I often did some work on weekends, but because I chose to - almost never because a lawyer asked that of me.
  2. I would always answer this with a few brief lines about where I'm from, my academic background (not in detail, just my degree prior to law), and a few interests - by that point, someone would almost always jump in to ask about one of the things I'd just mentioned. If no one jumped in, I would wrap it up by explaining how that background led me here to law school, and that would be a good natural conclusion.
  3. Not only is it the number of OCIs available at your school or the size of your class that matters , but also what curve your school uses and how tightly professors adhere to it. A high B+ average was enough to be on the Dean's List at Western (and therefore receive 15-20 OCIs) for the last 2L recruit because the curve was so tight, but this likely wouldn't have been true at most schools, and wouldn't necessarily have been the case even in previous years at Western.
  4. I also know people who just printed the OBCA and the CBCA themselves from the digital version and used that for the in-person exam, so there was no need to buy the books if you didn't want to.
  5. We were recently told that the first phase will not be until after Labour Day.
  6. While some law students definitely stay in residence, the vast majority will be off-campus. Another thing to consider is that even if campus closes and classes move online, I would guess that many 1Ls will choose to stay in London to focus and study together. Its different for everyone, but I found study groups were crucial for my learning in 1L.
  7. This isn't true. Western undergrad is aiming to provide 25-30% of classes in person. To make this happen, I imagine that every building on campus that can be used, will be used. The Faculty of Law has discussed the possibility that any classrooms too small to accommodate classes will be converted to study rooms, so that space is utilized as much as possible. Further, to your point that upper year classes could be held in our larger lecture halls, we only have maybe 3 classrooms that could accommodate a 25 person class with social distancing. Those will be full just from running the small group program - the school has said that all other in-person 1L classes will have to be held at the Faculty of Education. I get that you're frustrated. I'm sad that we won't be back in school too. But this clearly isn't admin being lazy. Delivering both in person and online options this year, while creating contingency plans for a second wave, has got to be a logistical nightmare. Many schools have given up entirely and gone 100% online. I'm happy they're giving 1Ls an opportunity to make the most of their 1st year, even if it means the rest of us get the short end of the stick.
  8. Unless the clinics are making drastic changes this year that I'm not aware of, this is not true. I believe the Business Law Clinic typically hires closer to 10 1Ls, and CLS hires more than that. Sports Law has always hired more than 2. Also, while not technically "clinics," the Pro Bono Project, Family Law Project, and Dispute Resolution Centre all called for 1L student applicants last year. People with more information can chime in to correct me on the numbers, but "only 2 per clinic" is just not accurate.
  9. Large Bay St firm. Start date postponed indefinitely.
  10. Though this is likely true in most cases, it isn't always. I know a firm that said specifically not to read into it, because they randomized their call order and interview offer times this year.
  11. I was told by multiple upper year students and recruiters that its always good to convey that you would have wanted to meet with them on Monday. I sent an email to that effect immediately after scheduling the Tuesday interview, but I'm sure that saying the same thing now would have the same impact.
  12. What happens if you have a dinner scheduled with a firm who hasn't invited you back for a further interview? Will they make it clear that you are not to attend anything else? If one of your dinners does end up being cancelled, would it be appropriate to reach out to another firm you didn't have the space for to see if you could either attend a meal or meet more of their lawyers another way? Thanks!
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