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  1. I heard grades will be released on Monday. Unlike CMB123, I welcome you to quote me. Feel free to tell everyone you meet that your source of information is a stranger on the internet.
  2. Rather than respond to every reply, I'll just make some general comments. First, it's interesting that this discussion has gone the way it has, although that is likely a reflection on the poor phrasing of my original comment. I say this because the intention was not to equate criminal defence lawyers to corporate lawyers. Rather, I wanted to highlight that, IMO, one's virtue should not be qualified by the acts of our clients. For the record, I have the utmost respect for criminal defence lawyers and their work, for many of the same reasons already pointed out. Additionaly, I respect deeply that they have to do a crucial job that is despised by many and often involves delving into some horrendous disclosure packages. Finally, I did ask that question in good faith. I was genuinely interested in what makes a corporate lawyer who defends a heinous $B company different from a criminal defence lawyer. In a way, I did get answers to that.
  3. Just curious, is there a difference in your mind between them and criminal defence lawyers that defend heinous criminal acts?
  4. Based on how this thread has proceeded, I propose that, to resolve the issue Diplock has identified, we should require for admission - in addition to a good GPA and LSAT score - a food test. Every prospective student is given a blank cheque to spend on lunch and they must provide receipt of the food they bought. If the food is from a fast food restaurant or a healthy male - they pass. Anything too classy is an automatic rejection.
  5. Currently, increasing tuition by over 150%.
  6. We don't know what would have happened if "races were reversed", so lets not rely on this false dichotomy. You're also glossing over the fact that this case is far more about the way the university treated Afolabi after the complaints made by him and the other student. They did not offer him due process, called the police on him when he was trying to follow up on his appeal process, and refused to let him attend on-campus medical appointments. Altogether, the university's procedure for resolving student complaints was not followed and they labeled Mr. Afolabi as "too aggressive". The claim of racism here is not about pushing vs punching.
  7. I just checked out their course descriptions for this academic year. I am impressed with some of their criminal law courses. Is it just me, or is this whole discussion only worthwhile if you're the 1% of students who want to study law academically and pursue a masters? Otherwise, each school will do well enough in providing you with an education in each area of the law. Take UCalgary for example. It's no secret it "specializes" in corporate law and energy law but no one here is restricted to that area of law by any means. Lots of great courses and opportunities in other areas of the law and likewise with articling opportunities.
  8. ^proceeds to get an A because he knows the lectures better than anyone else.
  9. I get it, it sucks. I recently made a post in the "stuff that pisses me off" thread which voices related concerns. But I have to take issue with your tone and perspective. First of all, if it matters so much, then why not ask for a deferral yourself? It sounds like they're granting them away with relative ease. Second, you're likely unaware of what other students are genuinely experiencing. It may seem like they're getting deferrals for the smallest things but chances are they're actually going through a lot - give them a break. Third, deferrals are generally not an advantage to students since the exam still requires the same amount of studying; deferrals only even out the playing field. Postponing can also be a detriment since it may interfere with future obligations, encourage procrastination, and affect your ability to recall course content taught months prior. Finally, it will help you in your future career if you're comfortable asking for an extension or deferral. You owe your clients your 100% and if you're not able to do that with the time given, you better be asking for extra.
  10. What they didn't tell you was that they had a record year for layoffs (/s)
  11. 3L here (two weeks away from articling!). The legal market is good, as far as I can tell. I think COVID has stifled it a little bit but my impression is that it will readily make a comeback. I am not going into big law, so I can't comment on that. But, I did receive lots of opportunities to interview at smaller firms when I was looking for articles. I know of only two classmates who did not have articles lined up in early March. Since then, there have been more articling positions posted on our career services' website.
  12. To be clear, I am envious that they get to go back to in-person classes. I am not envious that they had 1L online, since you're absolutely right - it is a terrible way to start law school.
  13. I think the combination of 3L and online learning has been deadly. Last semester was worse for me though, I had three professors teach their courses through asynchronous lectures. I definitely watched the majority of those lectures back to back in the days before their respective exams as though I was binge watching a Netflix show. This semester, I anticipated burn out and carefully selected courses that had synchronous lectures and picked an easy B class I knew I could cram for in a week. It helped! I am envious though of all the 2Ls and 1Ls who can go back to classes in-person. This is not how I wished to end my law school experience, since I am generally anti-social and have done a poor job of keeping up with my law school peers
  14. Fellow 3L here. I've learned two things from my classmates. First of all, we're all "done" with Law School and looking forward to articling. Most of us just aren't giving it our best anymore. Second, online learning and zoom fatigue have hit nearly all of us. So I've taken some refuge in knowing we're graded on a curve.
  15. I'm sorry to hear your experience has been like this. It's unacceptable.
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