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  1. I applied for OSAP but I just received an email fron York saying my tuition is due August 27- is this normal? I thought I had until October something to pay since I applied for OSAP.
  2. Tuxes seem WAY too formal for the boat cruise. Even the Dean's Gala you could probably wear a nice suit and be fine. @abasilplant I'm a girl and I'm just planning on wearing nice pants with a bodysuit or something like that for the boat cruise. The venue we go to after is also just a sports bar...
  3. Unless you're in my position (just waiting for York to confirm enrollment so OSAP can release the funds), I think you'd be better off contacting OSAP. From what I understand of the process, York doesnt have much involvement until confirming enrollment. York isn't going to be much help anyway so may as well see if OSAP can do better.
  4. Thanks everyone!! @BlockedQuebecois yeah I saw Emond's add last night while I was flipping through the O Week booklet, will definitely be checking that out!
  5. Mine's been calculated for a few weeks (I applied late May). But it still says they're waiting for York to confirm my enrollment before the funds are released, so you aren't alone in that. As a heads up, I tried calling York financial services yesterday and the line was dead. When I called the general York line they said there was pretty much zero chance I'd get through to someone this close to September unless I showed up in-person to make an appointment. Really not impressed with this.
  6. Do any of the required 1L textbooks come in electronic format? It doesn't seem like it from the bookstore website, but it would be so much easier than lugging around a bunch of huge books all the time. Thanks!
  7. Do you mean for a line of credit? I emailed Vicky about 2 weeks ago for one and she sent it to the bank 2 days later. Although from my understanding, now that we're actually enrolled in courses, you would email student services for this.
  8. The email they sent today should say your section and which contracts small group you're in.
  9. @ScotiabankLawAdvisor I submitted my application over a week ago and haven't heard back as to whether it's approved or not. Is this normal or should I follow up? Don't want to bug the rep if this is standard.
  10. You can post here instead of making all these new threads, although most of your answers can be found by just searching the forum:
  11. Yeah there'll be a bunch of taxis at taxi stands at each gate. Just line up and the attendant will get you one. It's a set fare by zone, but I've only ever gone downtown so I'm not sure how much it would cost to get to Osgoode (for reference, I live about 45 mins by car from Pearson and I think it costs $60). You're right, there is public transit but going on the TTC with 8 months worth of luggage would be hell, plus it would probably take you closer to 45 minutes.
  12. It's about a 15-20 minute drive from Pearson to York. I don't imagine there would be much rush hour traffic on that route.
  13. Random and insignificant question that nobody should rush to answer: I've received emails from Osgoode students in the past, and I've noticed that their display name always shows up as: Jane Doe 2018/Lawstudents/Osgoode (replacing Jane Doe and 2018 with their name and year they started). Are we stuck with this or can we change it to just our name? I've briefly fiddled around with the mail account and can't really tell. It seems kind of weird/unprofessional if we're stuck with it.
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