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  1. Can confirm at least one student has heard back about 2nd interview(s) at BLG (not me, I'm a 3LOL)
  2. 1. Save enough from big law to buy a townhouse in this crazy economy. 2. Get into a PhD program that I actually enjoy researching. 3. Be a Prof (w/ a TikTok)
  3. Yes. Osler did hire 38. Blakes hired 40 (including the spilts).
  4. Silly Q: when do we get our confirmation emails? (Form one of the bigger Bay Street firms that normally hires 20+?)
  5. It's amusing to watch people "fight over" Cambridge vs UofT. As someone who lived/grew up in the US (NJ/NY), UK(one of the Oxbridge), and Canada. The Cambridge title is not a magical title as you think. And good luck with the "North American" experience that the Canadian Job Market demand. I want to mention one very important point, which the OP should definitely do more research on your own. The Oxford/Cambridge 2-yr LLB is a bit different from the traditional 3-yr LLB program, which means: you might not be able to sit for NY Bar (because of the duration of your studies). And I am 100% certain a UofT law degree allow you to sit for MA/NY bar as soon as you graduate. Here's the link, check it out:https://www.aspiringsolicitors.co.uk/qualifying-u-s-attorney-eligible/
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA, I know. Some of us might be biased because he/she went to the other school.
  7. In the UK: "It generally takes at least six years to qualify as a solicitor, which includes a three-year law degree, a one-year LPC and finally a two-year training contract with a law firm. Becoming a fully-fledged barrister takes five years - including three years for your law degree, one year for your BPTC and a one-year pupillage in chambers." 3+1 years in Canada, and 3 years if you directly to NY. By the time you work the 2-3 extra years, you're making more. Plus, yes, LONDON is VERY expensive.
  8. Here are some questions you should ask yourself: Do you have a UK/EU citizenship, can you get one from your parents/grandparents? This REALLY matters in terms of tuitions you’re paying, public fundings and employment. It matters much more than you think, especially I assumed you didn’t grow up in there, thus have no real “boarding school connections”. Do you care that you’re getting a Bachelor instead of JD? Keep in mind you’re doing undergrad again in the UK, which means your training/licensing years will be longer than your North American counterparts. Do you care about “jumping loops”? In general, I found it’s much easier for foreign grads to pass the UK bar than getting the Canadian license via NCA. How much money do you want? NY gives you the most $$$, followed by the Canadian legal market, FOLLOWED by UK/EU. I found the salary given in the UK (even in London) is a joke compare to North America. How much do you REALLY care about the Cambridge title? I cannot give you any advice on that. It’s a great title to have, but it does not matter that much at the end of the day. If it’s Yale law vs UofT, Yale all the way; but Cambridge, it’s not even Oxford.
  9. Just got the email. CGPA(with no drops): 3.99/4.00 LSAT: 164 Will likely decline the offer. Good luck to everyone else.
  10. Thank you so much!!!! Knowing that I am not the only one is making me feel much better.
  11. Hello everyone, I was doing my daily routine tonight-aka checking OASIS, chilling. Then I noticed an update on my oasis account, "Your file is incomplete. Please contact xxx(email address) for details." I wonder if you guys know what this means. OLSAS did mess up my transcript early in this cycle which resolved in mid-November. So I wonder if it has to do with my transcript? Or Is it because I wrote the Dec LSAT and they're waiting for the score? I am a bit worried and wonder if any of you guys can give me some advice.
  12. Have you guys received the email from the admission office yet? I still cannot believe this is real until I see a physical email.
  13. Just got the voicemail, I could not believe it! LSAT: 164 cGPA: 3.99/4.0 Last name: F
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