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  1. I worked for some time before going back to school and was able to save up some money for school. Maybe delay law school until you have a nice chunk in the bank such that you won't have debt hanging over your head during your studies and early legal career. Disclaimer: Ignore this advice if you know you're going to have an A average and want to work on Bay $t.
  2. For those interested, I believe there is a 2018 Ultra Vires article available via the Google that shows percentages of success for 2L Bay St jobs by school. U of T 2018 showed 54% success rate of their graduating class in securing 2L positions. Osgoode had second highest, followed by Western and Queen’s.
  3. In my experience, that is how Law School is (lonely sometimes especially when away from your family n frands). Just bury yourself in work and extracurriculars and focus on your end goals to keep focused. Do optional papers where appropriate to keep busy and lower exam weighting. Nothing wrong with going home often, especially if it keeps you grounded. Focus on the light at the end of tunnel when times get dark :) also, avoiding those enticing binge drinking events may help. Best of luck! Stay strong!
  4. Does anyone currently studying at Western Law have any advice regarding the following: - Best location to look for rental housing for the year? Is the UWO off-campus website the best place to look? - When is the time to secure rental housing for the year? - Any additional advice regarding housing for a mature 1st year law student that will attending Western in Sep 2018? Thank You.
  5. Mid-range B2 GPA. 90th percentile LSAT.
  6. I got accepted as well. I truly am happy and excited to start this new journey.
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