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  1. Warthog

    [3.51 / 160] Updated Chances?

    Good luck!
  2. Warthog

    Chances? 3.5/l2 3.73/l3 3.71 lsat 165

    I got in with similar academic stats and a 160 lsat, so yeah, I'd say you have a great chance.
  3. In a few weeks ago, submitting for stats: CGPA 3.5 L2 3.7 LSAT 160
  4. Warthog

    Accepted to Western 2018

    Accepted some time today! CGPA 3.5 L2 3.7 LSAT 160
  5. Warthog

    [3.51 / 160] Updated Chances?

    Wishing you good luck, let's hope you were well advised!
  6. Warthog

    [3.51 / 160] Updated Chances?

    I appreciate your honesty! I’m already in at one of my schools (not listed), so I’m not planning on rewriting. I was just wondering what you all thought about the rest. I agree with your thoughts though. At least that’s how I feel... definitely some uncertainty. I guess it’s wait and see for me. Thanks again for your response.
  7. Hello future, current and former law students, I was hoping that some of you may be able to provide your thoughts on my chances to being admitted to the following schools: Queen's, Western, uOttawa, Osgoode, now that I've finished my final term... Here are my updated stats: LSAT: 160 cgpa: 3.51 L2/B2: 3.70 I've got an upward trend, good ECs and good academic references Thanks!!
  8. Warthog

    Chances? 3.47/3.66/160

    Hello, I'm writing in hopes that some of you may be able to provide your thoughts on my chances of being admitted to: Queen's, Western, uOttawa, Lakehead and Osgoode cgpa is 3.47, l2/b2 is 3.66 and LSAT is 160. I've got one more term finishing up right now and i think it'll bring my cgpa to a 3.5 and my l2 to a 3.7. Thanks!
  9. Warthog

    Score Cancellation?

    Don't cancel the score! First, it could be a great score and you really can't know until you receive it back. Second, even if it's not what you're expecting, as PoisonApple said, if you indicate to schools that you're writing in February they will wait.