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  1. I work full time and commute from Hamilton. Provided, my work has accommodated me (by allowing me to leave at 3 on days there is class). Don't let distance deter you. HR is worth the trip.
  2. I was waitlisted and ultimately rejected last year with a 3.63 and 154. For reference.
  3. Can confirm. Edit: He is able to reduce concepts and give analogies so successfully where you ask yourself, "how did I not see that?" I highly recommend HarvardReady.
  4. Foolishly submitted with a 154. Didn't rewrite in the Winter, got swept as a result.
  5. Before you rewrite, just know that admissions will look at decreased scores unfavourably. I had someone from admissions tell me that this past week.
  6. I got rejected from all Ontario schools with virtually identical stats (3.63/154) last cycle.
  7. For those of us on a tight budget, Macy's has suits and other dress clothes on sale for 70-85% off, it is in USD but they ship to Canada. FWIW.
  8. I'd honestly call again to confirm.
  9. Are you certain about this? They are very closed-off when it comes to information on the LSAT. I remember a rep came to my undergrad and I had asked them what their average was and they said, "we don't give out that information." Which isn't indicative of giving out other information but with the reputation Windsor has, I seriously doubt that they would average the scores. But, if you heard this from admissions then I suppose it's true. What is your source?
  10. Going for the trifecta, I see. Good luck!
  11. 1) It's just "LSAT" 2) A high cGPA or a high LSAT, what you mentioned are probably not going to make a material difference. 3) Overwhelmingly no. Not to discourage you, I don't know your aptitude for standardized testing, but it seems that you are ill-prepared for this admissions cycle. I was too last year, hence my failed cycle and I have a relatively competitive cGPA (3.63) but a poor LSAT (154). Some schools if I recall, and I may be wrong, don't accept a January LSAT and on your first go, giving 2 months, or 1, I can't tell which you are intending to do, is likely not sufficient. But hey, you may be good at it. I echo Eeee above. It may be worthwhile to wait until next cycle.
  12. This thread has been fantastic to read, you all have great taste. Thanks for the tips! Edit: While my comment lacked any meaningful information to the topic, I don't want to be that overzealous 0L who weighs in on what to (or not to) wear as a lawyer. In the meantime, I will consume all tips and trends.
  13. For reference, I was rejected with a 3.63 cGPA and 154 from every school in Ontario this past cycle.
  14. Continue to preach the good gospel, friend.
  15. All of these posts are quite motivating, congratulations to all of you!
  16. LMAO the person at adcoms making me look like a liar
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