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  1. I rewrote in November and don't have it, I'm sure it's nothing.
  2. Yeah the questions in the lesson part would be him showing you how to apply the knowledge and then the practice portion was for you to complete on your own. With regards to my score, I improved 11 points from the first test to the last test with him. I didn't even do 50% of the homework. (I commuted from Hamilton, it was a 4 hour commute per night). I am studying now and taking the January LSAT.
  3. There are 25, 4 hour classes. There are 7 or so proctored exams. A typical class he asks the class if there are any questions from any of the material, then answers them if any, he would proceed to the module for that day, after 2 hours there would be a break. Almost invariably, to get through the methods, and through the "lesson" section for the module, it would take the full 4 hours. The "practice" section would be left for you to do as homework.
  4. Yoni is incredible, I recommend his course highly. There was not a question asked that he could not answer, he wouldn't move on until you felt comfortable and understood. But be prepared to do a lot of homework. A lot.
  5. That's probably step 1 of what appears to be a 3 step process. But I'm just speculating. 1) Pending Review 2) Referred for Review 3) Referred - Admissions Committee
  6. I got through to someone. "Referred for Review" just means the university has the application and they are putting in the information. She indicated that it should not read this way on the portal and that they are working on fixing it. "Referred - Admissions Committee" means the previous step has occurred, been completed, and the contents of the application are given to the law school for review. The law school has nothing to do with the former step.
  7. Someone from last cycle indicated that they were in queue for months. I have been in queue since November 13. I don't believe there is a fixed amount of time.
  8. Don't get too worried over it, one may succeed the other. The order of which, I couldn't predict. I sent an email and have called 3 times. Hopefully I get a response soon.
  9. Not that I think the information is absolutely paramount, I am curious. I have tried calling admissions twice but have not been successful. Anyone else feel free.
  10. I'm not sure quite honestly. I think last year it was just "referred to admissions committee" and this year, mine says "referred for review." Perhaps it's the same thing. Does anyone's actually say, "referred to admissions committee?"
  11. If someone could reply who isn't referred that would be helpful.
  12. I'm curious if it was sent to every applicant or if it was just sent to those that are referred.
  13. Don't recall getting this last cycle. In any event: "Thank you for applying to the Faculty of Law at the University of Windsor. This letter is to inform you that we have received your application to our Juris Doctor program, class of 2022. Our admissions committee is reviewing your application carefully. Windsor Law recently celebrated 50 years of teaching, research, advocacy and service. Since our start in 1968, Windsor Law has been dedicated to educating ethical, justice-seeking lawyers. Today, we continue to offer an enriching and inclusive law school experience where thought and action inspire a community that is passionate about achieving a more just and equitable world. We take a student-focused approach to learning and critiquing law, working with marginalized people in Windsor and beyond through our clinics and externships, looking at the whole person in our admissions process, and providing a rigorous and dynamic legal education to our students. Our law school prides itself on preparing graduates for leadership and rounded success in every area of legal practice and beyond. Windsor Law is a bridge for the study of transnational law (embracing our border city location, a significant comparative advantage), along with other disciplines including business and social work, and between law on the books and law in action in our communities. Should your application be selected, you will be invited to join a people-centred law school, one which which houses over fifty student and faculty-initiated groups outside of the classroom. Together these groups boost Windsor Law’s commitment to our community and to your future experience as a legal professional."
  14. I was rejected from all Ontario law schools last cycle with a 154, 3.63 cGPA and B2/L2 of 3.70. FWIW.
  15. That's okay. I'm not the real Slick Rick, either.
  16. The first acceptance on this thread was January 5, 2018. See here:
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