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  1. Interesting. "When considering applications we look for strength in both academic and non-academic factors cited. No formula or weighting is used between these factors. Although admission decisions are made on the basis of a holistic assessment of the application, successful applicants generally have an “A-“ (3.7) cumulative GPA and an LSAT in the 80th percentile, or better."
  2. I was naive in my studies. I did well in undergrad and thought that it would transition to the LSAT. I studied for a week my first write and did a single, untimed practice test. Did awful. The second time, again, I was stupid, I studied a bit more but just focused on practice tests. I didn't have the fundamental understandings so my timing was off. This time I took a course, am better able to understand the fundamentals and now I am just doing practice tests up until test day and some drilling to remain fresh on fundamentals. So, TL;DR - I was stupid my first couple of writes, and this time I took a course.
  3. While I am by no means good at the LSAT, I myself am retaking it on the 26th, too, I would suggest that you take a day off. It would still leave you with 2 weeks of study (assuming you do the recommended nothing the Friday before). Recharging your batteries may be helpful.
  4. Well, shit. Edit: I think I'm probably good because I have indicated since I applied Nov 1 that I was writing the January LSAT. Hopefully they just kept it aside from the beginning.
  5. I would wager it’s just a glitch because they changed systems and it’s nothing to be concerned about.
  6. Yup! And despite the fact that I’m not even referred to admissions committee yet GG no re plz Windsor
  7. To be honest, I am unsure because my undergrad was in Ontario. But in theory that would make sense to me. You should contact them ASAP.
  8. You will have to do it through OLSAS and pay a fee.
  9. The Assistant Dean ignored my inquiry from a month ago and wanted to see if that is who replied to yours. I have no intention of emailing them out of sheer paranoia that it will irritate them and I don't want that to be attached to my file. I appreciate the concern, however!
  10. I can't say one way or the other. I heavily lean towards no. On the website it says to send your email to the Assistant Dean if you have any questions, I sent the above inquiry to the Assistant Dean a month ago and still haven't received a response. I don't know who @Danny257 sent his to. But overwhelmingly, I would say that it was a coincidence and the individual responding told him that because he was about to be referred and did not refer him because he sent an email. I don't think the latter makes a great deal of sense. But hey, I too, am speculating.
  11. Did you email the Assistant Dean?
  12. In a separate thread I posted my interaction with adcoms: "I got through to someone. "Referred for Review" just means the university has the application and they are putting in the information. She indicated that it should not read this way on the portal and that they are working on fixing it. "Referred - Admissions Committee" means the previous step has occurred, been completed, and the contents of the application are given to the law school for review. The law school has nothing to do with the former step."
  13. I rewrote in November and don't have it, I'm sure it's nothing.
  14. Yeah the questions in the lesson part would be him showing you how to apply the knowledge and then the practice portion was for you to complete on your own. With regards to my score, I improved 11 points from the first test to the last test with him. I didn't even do 50% of the homework. (I commuted from Hamilton, it was a 4 hour commute per night). I am studying now and taking the January LSAT.
  15. There are 25, 4 hour classes. There are 7 or so proctored exams. A typical class he asks the class if there are any questions from any of the material, then answers them if any, he would proceed to the module for that day, after 2 hours there would be a break. Almost invariably, to get through the methods, and through the "lesson" section for the module, it would take the full 4 hours. The "practice" section would be left for you to do as homework.
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