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  1. Nobody will think you're dumb. If they do, remind them that they too, needed an instructor. Also, I worked full time and commuted from Hamilton each time. I didn't miss a class nor a diagnostic day. It was draining, but worth it. I took the Sept-Nov course that was obviously geared for the November test, but because I spent so much time commuting, I needed the Nov-Jan to finish the homework. Something to bear in mind.
  2. Absolutely tremendous course. 10/10. Good luck on upcoming tests!
  3. If they are referring to the acquisition of the material, then the person they met must have not gone to class. Because if you missed class all you had to say was, "I didn't get the last booklet" and he would hand it to the person.
  4. In my anecdotal experience, HR was fantastic. I will agree that if you fall behind in homework, that won't be good. But I think that's kind of assumed, no? And not particularly a knock against HR. If you don't do enough PowerScore chapters you likely wouldn't do as well either. If you mean in terms of "get" as in, understanding and not the acquisition of the tangible material, I will have to wholeheartedly disagree. If someone asked a question, Yoni would not move on until he felt that you understood it. He wouldn't let other people interrupt, if you said the typical "uhh yeah I think I get it" he would ask, "are you sure?" With the explanation of material, I haven't had a better instructor. And that includes my four years of undergrad.
  5. And you don't have to buy any of the tests, you have more than enough from HarvardReady (1-82).
  6. I echo @NeverGiveUp - you should go to as many proctored exams as you can at HR. Moreover, you don't have to retake the course to use the material? Assuming you still have the books and access to the online system. HarvardReady material is, at least for me, much better than PowerScores and LSAT Trainer. I have used all of them. I would seriously reconsider, but good luck regardless.
  7. But being in queue doesn't mean much anyway. I've been in queue (as well as others) since November. And if I recall correctly, some people skip the queue process and go straight to admitted. All is okay people.
  8. Definitely does not justify a check-in email. It's January 14th.
  9. Just keep going, it will get better. Good thing this wasn't test day! Trust your fundamentals - you still have 15 days.
  10. So do a full practice test (to determine your score), and then add in a random one. Score it for yourself, but obviously you cannot count it towards your mark.
  11. No judgement. So there is a fifth one, it is not marked but you don't know which one it is. It has never been the fifth section, very rarely the fourth, though it has happened. Typically sections 1 to 3 will have one. Not that it particularly matters. But you can gauge which one it is. (Have 2 RC's, 2 LG's or 3 LR's). On an undisclosed test like January, you won't know. Though the Powerscore forum does a good job at disseminating information to figure it out. Adding in a fifth section on your own helps for stamina. I am glad I told you now so that you are mentally prepared. There is also a written section at the end (if you didn't know).
  12. Well waddya know. I like the cut of your jib.
  13. Where are you finding this? Provide your sources, amigo.
  14. Being that it's two weeks out, I would recommend focusing on doing full timed tests. Do 3 sections in a row without break and then do your last section. If you want full simulation, start at 9:00am and add a fifth section. Do not make the mistake I made by not doing timed simulation. You seem to have the fundamentals down. Focus on putting it all together. 161 and 164 are good scores.
  15. I would love to see where it says 3.59/78%. Not /s either. Both of those would surprise me.
  16. Interesting. "When considering applications we look for strength in both academic and non-academic factors cited. No formula or weighting is used between these factors. Although admission decisions are made on the basis of a holistic assessment of the application, successful applicants generally have an “A-“ (3.7) cumulative GPA and an LSAT in the 80th percentile, or better."
  17. I was naive in my studies. I did well in undergrad and thought that it would transition to the LSAT. I studied for a week my first write and did a single, untimed practice test. Did awful. The second time, again, I was stupid, I studied a bit more but just focused on practice tests. I didn't have the fundamental understandings so my timing was off. This time I took a course, am better able to understand the fundamentals and now I am just doing practice tests up until test day and some drilling to remain fresh on fundamentals. So, TL;DR - I was stupid my first couple of writes, and this time I took a course.
  18. While I am by no means good at the LSAT, I myself am retaking it on the 26th, too, I would suggest that you take a day off. It would still leave you with 2 weeks of study (assuming you do the recommended nothing the Friday before). Recharging your batteries may be helpful.
  19. Well, shit. Edit: I think I'm probably good because I have indicated since I applied Nov 1 that I was writing the January LSAT. Hopefully they just kept it aside from the beginning.
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