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  1. HarvardReady posts a table that compares them to other programs. They do this by using other courses criteria, HR has a higher increase and they have the most in-class hours. Other than that, I can't speak on it because I don't know enough about the others.
  2. What'd they say? If you don't mind me asking.
  3. Edit: I applied a few days ago.
  4. Perhaps important to know if some have not changed.
  5. I'm personally offended that you haven't been admitted yet.
  6. Don't let this define you. It's good that you are speaking up. I echo the above, talk to a professional.
  7. According to what they post on their website, you are a competitive applicant. Not including your future score.
  8. For reference, I was rejected off of the waitlist last year with a 3.63 cGPA and 154 LSAT.
  9. How would that signify a lack of competitiveness?
  10. Are you the 99% or the 1%
  11. Damn imagine getting waitlisted with a 3.87/178. The epitome of feelsbadman.
  12. You can receive offers until September. I think the consensus is that this is still early.
  13. Tell his lying ass to kick rocks
  14. I can appreciate their sentiment and wanting to provide support, but I can only imagine how you felt. I was rejected off of the waitlist last year, too. Though, because of geography, I had a phone call for feedback. I would have kindly told my parents to kick rocks if they wanted to be included in that conversation.
  15. You both are likely to receive offers from an Ontario school with your stats. It is still very early in the cycle.
  16. Dude. It’s January. Relax. This is by no means “late in the game” come on.
  17. Thank you, you too. And including the online modules and the homework assigned each day, it was probably 30-50 pages. Some much more, some less.
  18. I echo what @romesmj4515 says. Get perfect on 3, that will bring you around 18 questions.
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