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  1. 1 hour ago, ezdm2803 said:

    LSAT: 147 (Nov) and 161 (Jan), CGPA: 3.67, Masters in Poli Sci, several years of work experience in law firms, ref letter from the prof who supervised my thesis + a senior associate I report to and decent ECs. I feel I have a decent chance..but not sure if I ruined my chances by bombing the LSAT the first time and doing the Jan LSAT so late in the review cycle process

    Incredible LSAT jump, good for you.

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  2. Just now, ericontario said:

    little gestures like this can go a long way.

    I agree and would have liked to receive at least something. I remember in undergrad my friend was accepted to Brock and received their acceptance package that came with a bag of confetti. I thought it was a nice touch.

  3. 9 minutes ago, Rumpy said:

    How do you like Conveyancer?

    We are old school and have always just used spreadsheets acrobat etc. But with higher turnover of staff lately I am looking for something a little easier to get people up to speed on quickly.

    I was also looking at eConveyence - any thoughts on that one.

    Maybe I need another thread...

    I'm an assistant now, not a lawyer, but Conveyancer is great. We have our fair share of turn over and it is very easy to learn and get staff acquainted. I obviously know nothing in terms of logistics and cost. But from the perspective of an assistant, it's a great program.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, canos said:

    Exactly- but I don't now if they mean all the new offers.

    "Your file has been added to the wait pool from where new offers of admission will be drawn. Offers will depend on the availability of space in the class and a further review of your file in comparison to others in the pool. While decisions are made as expeditiously as possible, notification of an offer may occur at any time up to the start of classes."

    In fairness, there is no way of knowing. To me, it makes sense that it would be all new offers, but I have no idea. I certainly don't think it is the equivalent to a rejection as others are suggesting, if that were the case, they'd reject us, I think it's as simple as that. Mind you, I'm not holding my breath, but I don't consider it as an outright rejection, I was outright rejected last year, there's a difference. 

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  5. 11 hours ago, capitalttruth said:

    Thanks very much. I`m losing hope at this point; despite my high LSAT, I'm seeing people with lower stats than me be accepted since January. Leads me to believe that the schools are not taking my access claim into account and harshly weighing my cGPA against my L2 and LSAT. Makes me wonder just how competitive I am and whether I should expect to be accepted in the coming batches to go out over the next few weeks. Aren`t we getting late into the cycle? How many offers are sent out between now and end of May? I don't want to be waitlisted again.

    Those of us who have offers have until April 1st. And others on here have said, and I think it typically makes sense, that those who have offers, have multiple offers. Find solace in that. I think you will certainly get in and not be waitlisted. 

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