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  1. Above all else, my condolences. Good on you for staying driven.
  2. I, too, share all of your disappointment after opening the email haha
  3. For the sake of my sanity I hope you're right haha.
  4. The latter didn't even cross my mind, so uh... thanks for that haha.
  5. Do tell if you find out, please. I was curious about this also!
  6. Apologies if this has previously been answered or is well known information, but is there a general consensus as to when Ontario law schools update their information? Essentially what I'm asking is, is it possible your status could change at say, 3:00pm, making it worth checking each portal multiple times throughout the day, or if nothing has been updated by say, 10:00am, it isn't worth checking anymore because your status won't change? Obviously keep in mind these are just random times I'm throwing out for the sake of simplicity. Cheers!
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