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  1. In another thread, (I believe it was the Accepted), someone had posted that there was a 2018 update on their Uozone and shortly thereafter they got accepted. So I am of the opinion that they get updated but I could be completely wrong. I suspect that once they review your application, they will then update it and not update it upon reception of new documents.
  2. I emailed them after it updated on OLSAS and I received a response where they said they were in receipt of my Fall transcript, however, my last update was on November 20th. Although anecdotal, it appears as though they don't bother updating it. But its also possible that they may have not gotten to my individual file. EDIT: I am curious if there is a correlation from getting offered admission and when the applicants file was last updated.
  3. I'm in the same boat, applied to all schools in Ontario and have heard zilch. Stay confident, friendo, but it's always good to have contingencies in the event this cycle is unfavourable.
  4. I doubt it makes a difference (because if it does, this may result in an unfavourable outcome for me haha) but my last name starts with F.
  5. Awesome - thank you for tagging me in your response! -Young slick.
  6. cGPA: 3.63 (it's actually 84% but had a bunch of b's my first year) LSAT: 148, 154 Mediocre EC's, Strong LORs, strong PS. (Though, those are all subjective).
  7. Not sure if this helps but mine says the same.
  8. Thank you for the information, I'll certainly keep it in mind.
  9. Forgive my ignorance , but schools will actually divulge that information to the applicant? (I've applied this cycle, too, and am stressing) Thanks.
  10. Congratulations, I have very similar stats so this is good to see. EDIT: May I ask when you were referred? Thanks.
  11. RIP Philadelphia Collins #ICantGiveYouABamButICanGiveYouAGreenEggsAndHam
  12. Agreed, I had a very similar experience with the exception of being in cycle. The first time I wrote the test I was TKO'd via time management in the first round.
  13. Congrats McJesus, good luck tonight bud
  14. I remember reading that schools look at the level of each course, so if you took a bunch of first and second year courses and did well, it may not be as advantageous as you'd hope. That's assuming, however, that they look at your transcript in conjunction with what OLSAS provides them. Edit: This is also not considering the fact that your degree may have restrictions on the amount of first and second year courses you may take.
  15. Above all else, my condolences. Good on you for staying driven.
  16. I, too, share all of your disappointment after opening the email haha
  17. For the sake of my sanity I hope you're right haha.
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