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  1. Yup it was updated today, at some point in the morning.
  2. Waitlisted now. LSAT: 148, 154. cGPA: 3.63
  3. Yeah that’s why I said I wasn’t sure if it was necessary, I wasn’t aware of the thread.
  4. Haha thank you - and yes, Ottawa, Western and Lakehead.
  5. Hahaha that's what 3 rejections in 72 hours will do to a person
  6. I haven't been rejected (yet) there were posts in another thread where someone said they got rejected so I decided to make this thread and suggested they post in here.
  7. I'm not sure if it's necessary and someone can delete it if not, but I'll start a rejected 2018 thread where hopefully this conversation can continue should you to be so kind to take it there.
  8. Thank you for the encouragement!
  9. Rejected yesterday, didn't receive an email. cGPA: 3.63 LSAT: 148, 154.
  10. Respect man, I appreciate the encouragement!
  11. I suppose I have the pleasure of starting off this thread. Just received the email. cGPA: 3.63 (84%) L2/B2: 3.7+ LSAT: 148, 154
  12. Yeah I was referred back in early March I think.
  13. Rejected. cGPA: 3.63 LSAT: 148, 154
  14. I had a similar issue, contacted IT and they were of little help.
  15. If I may, what do you ask without coming off as entitled? I've been debating on calling but am fearful of this.
  16. Has anyone successfully logged in Lakehead's portal that hasn't been waitlisted? I went through the steps that @elainebenes so graciously provided and was unable to. I emailed IT and they essentially suggested I wasn't in the system yet, which would make sense as I have not received any correspondence suggesting I'm waitlisted. As I look at those who have responded successfully, they all mention they have been waitlisted. Anyone else?
  17. Law school is an undergraduate program though, no? When you click on the link to learn how to "accept the offer" they include OLSAS.
  18. Did everyone receive the email from Lakehead with the subject line "Take Your Next Steps" One of the parts to click on says, "Look out Lakehead, Here I Come! Click Here To Find Out How To Accept Your Offer" I imagine it went to everyone but I thought it was weird that it referenced how to accept an offer? The wording of the email would be appropriate to someone who got accepted, not a pending applicant.
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