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  1. Amazon is where I purchased my practice tests, they go on sale sometimes so you may be able to get some good deals. I also purchased them off some people from Kijiji. Shop around, find the best price. They were the ones that LegalArmada had mentioned, " The "10, Actual, Official" series of tests" You can also get a free one off of the LSAC website, I believe. You may want to use that one for the cold diagnostic.
  2. Had someone who is admitted check the small groups and there are 51 open spots (as of yesterday). Obviously there are many implications to that, but informative nonetheless. They're currently capped at 20 per group (I think) but the site says they range from 18-25, so maybe they'll add more. Who knows.
  3. Guys, in case you were wondering, they haven't made it to 186. Still "final waitlist"
  4. I suppose it's not necessary but that is weird to me that some might not have. Interesting, thank you!
  5. The first waitlist was 176 or 179, something like that, then in August it got revised to 71. So I think he's saying that it moved over 150 spots. I could be wrong, though.
  6. Yeah that's a fair point, I'll look into private tutoring in addition to courses and see what will suit me best. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I don't mean to spam this thread but since my last post I have informed the Managing Partner at the law firm that I work at that it's unlikely that I will get admitted this cycle (fuck my life) and that the LSAT was the biggest issue with my application. (I received a 154). To which he said that he needed to take a course and then graciously offered that the firm would pay to put me through one. It seems that the majority of in-person courses are in Toronto, which is fine, I could commute but was wondering if anyone had experience with some, wouldn't recommend x, etc. I would prefer to attend an in-class course but will take an online one if it's comparatively better. I've been looking on Google and searched this forum but wanted to know if there is a consensus as to which is regarded the best on here, of which, i'm not aware of. Any feedback would be great! Thanks in advance.
  8. Thank you, I honestly anticipate a reasonable increase in my scores after doing this.
  9. Thanks for the reply - I agree about the cutting of corners. I was ignorant the first write and inefficient the second write. To be truthful, I never drilled. I just did practice test after practice test. Truth be told, I'm not even sure what drilling entails. Just doing questions, not timed? That does make sense but if not, please correct me. I honestly was stupid the 2 times I wrote the test with respect to studying (or lack thereof). I'm glad I made this post.
  10. Thanks for the reply! The last untimed test I did was the 163, so not quite 165-170 but higher than my usual Mid-to-high 150's. There are certain questions that I will outright skip because I just didn't grasp them. And upon these replies I genuinely think that the lack of review is what hampered by ability to get better. I would just read the bibles and then do timed practice tests. While reviewing other posts, and other individuals experiences, I see that there was a lot of drilling before timed practice tests. Again, I didn't do that. A lot of ignorance on my behalf, admittedly.
  11. Thanks for the advice, at the end of my studies last time I did start to skip questions but compounded with the already missing questions I found it to be a recipe for disaster. However, I appreciate you taking the time to give advice!
  12. Hello, I have essentially gotten swept this cycle and will have to reapply this November. I have looked throughout the forum (before I get criticized for "asking other people to do your research") but I wanted to see if anyone had some tips or resources to use that helped them. Background: I went from 148 on my first test day (no studying essentially) to 154 (second test day), with, albeit, some pretty rigorous studying. On practice test, I was consistent in the mid-to-high 150's with a few in the 160's and my highest being 163+and I did a lot of them... a lot. However, I suppose as in sports, you practice how you play, and my practice clearly wasn't sufficient. I studied for and wrote each of the seated LSAT tests before I knew about this forum and a common tip I learned here but should have been common sense was to check why your answers were wrong. I never did, not once. So that is obviously a massive issue that I will have to fix. However, my biggest issue is the fact that I was not quick enough in both logical reasoning nor reading comprehension. On any given test, including the real one that I actually studied for, I wouldn't see 15-20 questions (I know). I would just bubble in a letter. I would get into this weird groove where the first 15 question would go by quickly but then I would fatigue. I think it's a product of questions getting progressively more difficult so maybe my fundamentals are off? I have all 3 LSAT bibles for material that I've read the majority of, though admittedly not all of each. The advice I'm seeking applies to both reading comprehension and logical reasoning. Logic games was actually my best section. If I am able to see all of the questions with the correct amount of time, I'm confident that I will be able to achieve a satisfactory score. I mentally battled with the idea that the questions I'm getting correct, I'm only getting correct because I am spending more time on them so if I tried to speed up to see more questions I would end up getting fewer correct, which I suppose might be true. But to get over that 160 hump, I need to obviously see every question. I just wanted to say I can take constructive criticism, and I'm realistic. I very much doubt my capacity to get a 180 but I am of the opinion that I am capable of achieving 160-165. I base this off of the fact that I got 154 on test day and missed 12-17 questions, depending on which section wasn't scored. Although hey, I could be wrong about that philosophy, too. I'm really open to anything at this point. Tl;dr: any tips or resources for a pleb to get quicker at RC and LR would be mucho appreciated. Thank you.
  13. I have a few questions regarding this waitlist and hopefully those with more experience can chime in. 1) given that it says "final waitlist" will there be a revised waitlist? 2) if there is a revised waitlsit, do they completely re-rank them? For example, and the sake of simplicity, I'm 186/298 on this list, say there is a revised one, is it possible that I would get re-ranked higher or lower? Or would it stay in relation to where I'm at now? Could I go from 186/298 then to 1/70 or 70/70, for that matter? Essentially, say someone is in the top 20% of the first waitlist, will they be in the revised? 3) lastly, is it possible that some people don't make the revised waitlist that were on the first ranked one? Obviously all questions for adcoms but maybe the more experienced individuals have first-hand experience.
  14. Isn’t there a way to see how many people are in each group? I saw in previous waitlist threads that people were discussing that. That won’t be an exhaustive list, but it could give a rough estimate as to how many people are in the class. Just brainstorming here, correct me if I’m wrong.
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