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  1. 1 hour ago, Rashabon said:

    How is it plagiarism lol

    Signing their name on something they didn’t do lol

    Edit: I’ll be honest, I didn’t read the entire initial post. I assumed it was a case of “write the whole thing and I’ll sign it for you.” 

  2. "This is your last warning your University of Western Ontario mailbox will stop sending and receiving messages in the next 72 hours. Kindly increase your mailbox size by filling out the necessary mailbox requirement. CLICK HERE to complete"

    The IT department at my work has made certain that I don't trust e-mails like this, considering I haven't had a first warning, I am concerned with the validity of the email. That being said, perhaps it's perfectly legitimate. Anyone else? Upper year students?

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  3. The funny thing is the consultant probably got all of their information that they provide from here. "You dropped 150 grand on an education you could have got for a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library"

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  4. 25 minutes ago, TobyFlenderson said:

    From the Student Services page (where you see your acceptance/green circle), towards the bottom you’ll see “Account Summary”. If you’ve paid your deposit and it’s been processed, you’ll see “Total Due -500.00”. If that’s the case, you can click on Detailed Statement of Account. To organize it a little better for the sake of forwarding it on, I clicked on Printer Friendly Form, took a screenshot, and sent that.

    Thanks amigo!

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  5. On 6/5/2019 at 11:14 AM, TobyFlenderson said:

    Assuming you’ve paid your deposit, you can get a document from the Student Services page that shows a $500 credit on your account. That was sufficient for my line of credit, and doubled as proof of address since I didn’t have any mail with my name/address at the time.

    Perhaps mine hasn't been processed yet, but where did you go to get it?

  6. On 2/22/2019 at 3:56 PM, SlickRick said:

    Like many of you, I could not believe it when I saw it. After getting rejected everywhere last year, I wasn't sure if I was going to get in. I am happy to say that I was accepted today. LFG!!!

    cGPA: 3.62

    LSAT: 156


    I have received another offer that I will be accepting. Good luck to all waiting!

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  7. Just now, astrath said:

    So you called in just now? I will be disappointed if I don’t hear today... they’ve been saying May 31st for a while... I’m probably going to call in later this afternoon if I don’t hear anything. 

    Yeah I called maybe 15 minutes ago. And same, win, lose, or draw, hopefully it comes out today. If you get a different answer by calling, let us know!

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  8. 26 minutes ago, astrath said:

    Anyone know if there will be a final round of offers this week and which day that might be? The admissions blog says one last round will come out the end of May. 

    If it's any consolation, you can call Friday regarding your status. 

    Edit: although that being said, I'm not optimistic and am expecting a rejection today or tomorrow before the May 31 deadline.

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