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  1. Waitlisted. 3.62/156 Will be declining, best of luck to all!
  2. Wouldn't a 1-2% drop mean that it was a shit grade to begin with? If you're talking the difference between an A+ and an A, save yourself.
  3. I agree and would have liked to receive at least something. I remember in undergrad my friend was accepted to Brock and received their acceptance package that came with a bag of confetti. I thought it was a nice touch.
  4. I'm an assistant now, not a lawyer, but Conveyancer is great. We have our fair share of turn over and it is very easy to learn and get staff acquainted. I obviously know nothing in terms of logistics and cost. But from the perspective of an assistant, it's a great program.
  5. Waterfall capital of the world, amigo.
  6. Before 1L I'm going to Rome, Paris, Bruges, Brussels, Cologne and Frankfurt in that same time frame. Good luck with your articles and go have some fun!
  7. Maybe they don't condone free real estate, who knows.
  8. Listening to Bobby Lee talk about Stardew Valley makes me feel like my parents whenever they ask me if those are "real people I'm talking to?"
  9. Wtf? Did you say you were a Nazi sympathizer or something in your application?
  10. I think I was rejected at the end of May.
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