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  1. Perhaps mine hasn't been processed yet, but where did you go to get it?
  2. I have received another offer that I will be accepting. Good luck to all waiting!
  3. Thank you! You're the best LB in football ❤️
  4. Got admitted today 3.63/156. Will be accepting.
  5. Yeah I called maybe 15 minutes ago. And same, win, lose, or draw, hopefully it comes out today. If you get a different answer by calling, let us know!
  6. When I called they didn't give me specific information about my file. All they mentioned was they hope to have all answers out today and if not by early next week. Good luck lads.
  7. I didn't, I'll probably give it to the afternoon and do the same. Good luck!
  8. What's your GPA? It would help those providing advice to know if you are a 4.0 or a 3.7.
  9. If it's any consolation, you can call Friday regarding your status. Edit: although that being said, I'm not optimistic and am expecting a rejection today or tomorrow before the May 31 deadline.
  10. I can't give any advice on Toronto schools as I didn't attend one, but I majored in Criminology and minored in Law and Society. It was an awesome experience, I highly recommend.
  11. Admitted today. 3.62/156. Will likely be declining - best of luck to those waiting!
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