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  1. Congratulations! If you don’t mind sharing- When did you apply and when did you receive your waitlist email?
  2. Waitlisted as well. L2: 3.65 LSAT: 158
  3. I applied mid-January and my email said I should hear back by the end of March.
  4. @mapleleaf94 @Riam @Breeze14 Congratulations on the acceptance! When did you all apply?
  5. Yeah, I called two weeks ago as well (before I got the email) and Leanne said that I should expect an update by the end of February. However, the email said by the end of March. It also said that they are "processing behind schedule". I think its fair to assume that people will start hearing back between February and March.
  6. I received an email indicating that my file is complete and that I should expect an update at the end of March.
  7. @ellehcim @rkathleen Hey, congratulations on being accepted. When did you apply?
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