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  1. you can also search - Windsor Law JD Class of 2024 and ask to be accepted to the private group
  2. Hello all! I just wanted to advise any incoming students that there is a Facebook group set up so that we can communicate and get to know one another. If you feel comfortable, please add me on Facebook (Gabriela Verdicchio) and I will add you to the group.
  3. I am so humbled and feel so privileged to write this. I have been on this law school journey since 2014 and am happy to announce that I have been accepted to the dual JD/MSW program. OLSAS GPA: 3.81 LSAT: 152 (Highest) Deadline to accept is May 3, but I will be accepting. I have three previous degrees (BA x2, BSW), loads of SJ oriented ECs, 7 years of work experience as a legal assistant, and good LORs.
  4. When did you get the email? If it was today it's because they said they would change the verbiage to avoid further heartbreak and confusion haha
  5. I sent it to my friends and family to see what their reactions were and ALL of them said congrats haha it was so misleading and such a shame for sure. I'm hoping it's just foreshadowing! I hope we hear back soon Rooting for you!
  6. Had a laugh tonight - did anyone else get a survey email from the university where the first line read "we cannot wait for you to join us this fall as a Lancer!" ? I got so excited... they told me they send all applicants the same thing and I'm a little gutted. 8 weeks referred to ad com today!
  7. May I ask when you were referred?
  8. Hi! I've applied to the JD/MSW program, too - I was referred four weeks ago on Thursday, but still haven't heard anything back. I was able to speak to the Dean this past summer and she said that they are notoriously slow when sending out admissions information. She said probably around April/May at the earliest.
  9. Oh dang, I was hoping to find someone who applied to the program! I wish you the best of luck regardless and hope to see you in the fall
  10. did you apply to the JD/MSW or just the JD? Hoping to find some folks who also applied to the JD/MSW
  11. Just following up - my status still says incomplete due to my LSAT score being only initiated. Has anyone seen changes to their admissions status since they returned from holiday?
  12. Hello all, Is anyone else seeing their application status as incomplete due to their LSAT score? I clicked on the 'To do' tab and found that my LSAT score was still being initiated. I can view my score through my OLSAS application, but am wondering if anyone else is having this issue. I have contacted Windsor, but I expect them to advise that things are more slow going due to the pandemic. Thoughts?
  13. Hi there! Do you know of any students who could comment on the JD/MSW? I've applied to the stand alone JD program as well as the dual w/ MSW and would love some more info. TIA :)
  14. I haven't gotten mine yet! Wondering if I should be *that* person and call them tomorrow....
  15. I haven't! Have you received the confirmation since posting?
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