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  1. Hey I'm a bit late here but I can give you my personal experience. It is quit the contrary of what your expectations seem to be. I did 3 years CEGEP and a 4 year Undergrad (just because I took my time). I spent some time managing a restaurant, then started a law certificate in the evening, then law school. I thought I would be disadvantaged because my background was so far away form the classic path to Biglaw. I will be 28 when graduating. I just did my Course aux stages and got 4 offers, while having a 3.65 GPA. First, they don't care about your age. If you have done anything productive in the past 10 years, it will be a great advantage to you in the interviews, because you might have more to say than anyone else. Find a way to highlight your maturity/leadership or whatever it is you have developed while others were in high school. I had a lot of misconceptions about a supposed prejudice towards older candidates, but I can assure you they don't really care. Get involved in whatever gets you going and be passionate about something. Good luck!
  2. Courriel de refus après une 2e entrevue vendredi dernier chez Norton Rose.
  3. Miller Thomson appellent ce matin. 3.68 UdeS, diplôme de premier cycle avant le droit.
  4. Est-ce qu'il y a d'autres personnes dont le dossier est encore à l'étude?
  5. Admis au baccalauréat aujourd'hui. Je risque de refuser l'offre par contre!
  6. Admis à Sherbrooke le 27 mars (candidat universitaire) Baccalauréat en philosophie (3.72) 9 crédits du certificat en droit à l'UDEM (4.0)
  7. Je me posais la même question que toi et je suis allé voir sur le site de l'Université Laval. J'ai bien peur que la réponse soit négative! Les cours d'un certificat en droit à UL ne sont pas reconnu pour le baccalauréat à la même université (!), on peut donc en déduire que ceux des autres institutions ne seront pas reconnus non plus. En bas de page : https://www.ulaval.ca/les-etudes/programmes/repertoire/details/certificat-en-droit.html
  8. How do you see your rank on the Liste d'attente?
  9. Hi guys! I applied last October to McGill Law. I know that the results of McGill's hollistic approach are always tough to predict, but I'm wondering if you guys could shine a light on my chances. LSAT : 165 CGPA : 3.55 (UQAM - Philosophy) L2 : 3.75 Credits completed : 72 EC's : Nothing law-related. Volunteering in a few places and started a CSN union in my workplace with my coworkers. Football all-star in CEGEP. LOR : I asked two of my professors, I don't really know what they wrote. Thanks!
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