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  1. Hi all, Sorry, I see that uofc looks at the highest lsat but groups by average? I was just wondering if they use the average like uofa or if they lean more towards the highest. Im completely sorry if this has been covered before, however I was not able to find an exact answer. Best regards.
  2. I believe it is around a 3.875
  3. no im in alberta currently its 3.86/4. No idea what the OLAS conversion would be. Think thats a task for my weekend aha
  4. You think? Even though my average lsat would be 154 rounded up
  5. Hi every one, i thought I would write my last "chances" post as i re-wrote the lsat (for the last time thank goodness). My stats are: Lsat 150, 153, 158. GPA: 3.86 (after 3 years of undergrad) I really don't have a major preference to where i go. I'd love anywhere in Ontario like Ottawa, Western, Windsor, Queens (probably a major reach). Plus UNB, Dal, TRU and Sask. Although im from AB i have a feeling im out of the running for the AB schools since my average is low. Your input would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hey guys. I am currently completing my third year and have a 3.85/4 gpa thus far. I have written the lsat twice. First time I received a 150, and my second I got 153. I was wondering if I have a shot getting in anywhere? I am assuming my chances for both Alberta schools are off the table because my low lsat, except what do you think about sask, tru, ontario schools, UNB? Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi every one, I was just wondering what helped you improve the most on LR. I have bought all 3 powerscore books and am more than half way through the LR book. After completing this much of the LR book (all of RC and half of LG), I though I would practice a bit. However, I'm finding that there really does not seem to be any improvement or confidence in this area. I am planning on buying at least 20 lsat tests to practice/ test myself with, but I'm wondering what worked with you? Im getting fairly nervous with how there has not been any improvement LR wise. I understand it won't be an immediate change, yet don't quite feel conformtable with attacking the questions and properly knowing how to diagram everything. Your help is much appreciated!!
  8. Hi all, So I have decided that I would like to write my lsat in September of 2018 and start studying after Christmas. This should give me plenty of time to prepare, however my problem is I don't know what resources I should use. I would like to self study for the first couple of months, then maybe attend a class if need be. What would you guys recommend I buy as study and practice material or program? Your help is greatly appreciated considering I feel all alone in regards to this journey. Thanks again
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