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  1. I got into UofT in March with virtually identical stats (3.86/163). I thought my PS was strong (don't we all) but I just got lucky. If UofT is your goal I would retake to be safe. I think you have a 50-60% chance to get in right now but it's far from a lock.
  2. I just have a couple random questions that aren't really worth a topic individually so I just bundled them all together. Some of them are more specific to the school I will be attending (UofT) but if you are from another school feel free to chime in as other students could benefit from the information as well. 1. Can I buy used books for law school (I'm going to UofT)? If I can, is it easily accessible and/or recommended? 2. Generally how many summer research assistant positions are there (again, at UofT)? How many weeks is it? How's the experience and the pay? 3. How long is the 1L/2L summer position on Bay? I've read that they're anywhere from 10-16 weeks but couldn't find a definitive answer for the Canadian firms. 4. If I'm doing a JD/MBA, can I still apply for the 1L recruit during my 1L as well as my 2L (which is really the first year of my MBA)? If anyone else has any random or small questions feel free to post em here as well!
  3. i got 20gs with 3.86 cGPA/3.93 L2/ 163 LSAT - make of that what you will
  4. Whereas you could've said something like "To those who got waitlisted, I'm sure you got into other amazing schools where the same/similar opportunities are available and you can still get a superb legal education" you instead decide to come into this bittersweet thread and sprinkle it with unnecessary salt and jealousy, What good does this do anyone? Yes UofT is most likely my first choice, and even though I was fortunate enough to be accepted to all schools I applied to, I would've been HAPPY to get rejected by UofT and instead go to Oz, in fact it would've made the decision of choosing a law school so much easier. What you've done now is let everyone on this forum know that you are insecure about going to an equally great school. In fact I think you revived (or will revive) another "UofT vs Osgoode" debate which this forum does not need anymore of.
  5. Just declined with 20k up for grabs, hopefully someone on this forum snags that. Good luck to those waiting
  6. JUST GOT THE CALL Didn't really expect to get in, but this is an amazing surprise LSAT 163 cGPA/B3 3.86
  7. One of my friends didn't get this email even though she applied to UofT, which seemed a little odd. Anyone else?
  8. Remember the attitude that led to you getting to this position, don't abandon it and carry it with you for the rest of your life. This is a winner's attitude
  9. I received one as well 163/3.86/3.93 I will likely be declining so hopefully it goes to someone here
  10. No email but i checked SOLUS LSAT 163 cGPA 3.86 L2/B2 3.93
  11. Just got the email a couple min ago! 163/cGPA 3.86/L2 3.93
  12. Holy crap Western (as well as Ottawa and Queen's) are really slacking here eh? I'm trying to bring more than one acceptance home before the holidays
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