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  1. Can any students speak to textbooks? Did you find you had to spend a lot of money on new books or do upper years usually sell theirs? I don't want to repeat undergrad of spending hundreds on brand new books I didn't need!
  2. I received the email notification as well. 160/3.83. I haven't accepted my offer yet
  3. Great that makes sense, thank you everyone!
  4. I am debating between schools and found that certain law schools offer different curricular streams/specializations. I was wondering if it is more advantageous to have a stream vs. not have one? Say, for example, I am interested in Business Law; would it be more advantageous to go to a school that offers a Business Law 'stream'? Or, does this not really matter? To be more specific, Western offers a Business Law stream but Osgoode does not. Perhaps I am just misunderstanding what curricular streams are! Thanks in advance!
  5. Just checked uzone and got accepted. LSAT 160, cGPA 3.83, L2 3.88
  6. I got the email too. Absolutely ridiculous how much personal information was posted in error. Our names, scores, birthday, gender.. That's a huge mistake to make.
  7. Just checked my email and am accepted. LSAT 160, cGPA 3.83, L2 3.88
  8. Just checked student centre and have been accepted!! Very excited! LSAT 160, cGPA 3.83, L2 3.88
  9. Just got accepted this morning! Entered queue the 5th. LSAT 160 cGPA: 3.83, L2: 3.88 Strong LORs, Strong ECs
  10. Congrats! Very similar stats. What are your LORs and ECs like?
  11. Strong ECs, Strong LORs, Moderate-strong PS -Interested in my chances for Western, Osgoode, Queens and Ottawa
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