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  1. I have no idea. I would imagine that Detroit Mercy has a say in who attends their university too. They might have reps at the reading table from both programs?
  2. So I'm a persistent brat, and I called one of the ladies at the Detroit office. Apparently they received a lot more applications than they're used ot this year. The lady I spoke to said they're still reading and we might not know anything at all, ("to be honest") until August 1st.
  3. I called Mary earlier this week asking for an update. She said that they were trying to finish reading all of the files this passing week and we should start hearing things into next week. I was never put on a wait list. I've been referred since like, March. I'm ready to be told no already
  4. Me too. I'm not sure whether it matters for the purposes of this conversation, but I'm not expecting a good result
  5. Has anyone heard anything about their application going forward with the Dual and Single JD?
  6. Most of us probably applied for the November 1st. Just about every other Common Law English Canadian program is due November 1st.
  7. Way to go! *high five* To the single or the dual JD?
  8. I feel this! So I've been doing the DuoLingo thing for like, 4 months now. So I get the rejection letters except I'm seeing in what I think French looks like. It probably isn't actual french--- it just resembles French- But you get the point. Feels awful- either devastating or disappointing
  9. I honestly have no idea. We know that 2900ish people applied in 2016 (according to Osgoode's website) and that at least some of those applicants aren't members of this forum.
  10. I'm sorry. It was not at all meant to hurt anyone. I'm in the dark without a flashlight too.
  11. What are your stats like? Also, high five and congratulations
  12. So I'm still in the queue waiting for my file to be examined (not optimistic, also EEK) but someone had to start the thread so: Has anyone received a rejection for sure yet?
  13. Has anyone heard anything since? Any other acceptances?
  14. I finally went into the Queve today. I wrote my LSAT in February. I'm not expecting good news, but it's nice to finally get some notice.
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