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  1. Keeping up for a while here, my turn to make an entry. Are the Brooks Brother's 1818's any good/price premium worth it for a student on a budget? They're having a decent sale right now and I can snag one for ~650, where SuitSupply/Spier options will run me $450-500 or so. I've got an odd body shape, and I had a shoulder issue pop up on the cheap suits that I never noticed with the Brooks (possibly the construction of it being more flexible?). It will be the only suit I have unless I come out of November with an offer, at which point I'd probably buy another (not necessarily the same suit)
  2. One hugely underrated benefit of a Mac if you spend a lot of time on campus, you can borrow a charger from a lot of the people around you, or the library. You can pry my MBP from my cold, dead hands, but I'm also one of the monsters that actually really likes the newer keyboard, so do with this information what you will. I mean, unless you have very specific use cases like developing, don't do this. The newer Macbooks have a software undervolt that isn't present in Windows (at least the 2018s, the "fix" for the overheating when they released) and makes everything run toasty, and the amazing trackpad is gone with the Bootcamp drivers.
  3. One class without laptops, but mostly filling in outlines after I realize I missed a couple points, saves me the reprint. And rent cheques I guess. It was a nice box I bought for 4th year that I never finished. Scanners I find unnecessary, the all-in-ones on campus are free and amazing quality, you’ll only use them a couple times.
  4. Unibal 207s in .5mm are my go-to, those things write so incredibly nicely for a mostly cheap ballpoint, gel ink is amazingly rich on the page. Also highlighers. I absolutely hate highlighting in books, but I found them necessary when writing exams. Buy your own printer. You'll end up shelling out a lot when printing outlines on campus, and this way you get the convenience of doing it at home.
  5. I've only ever seen one person handwrite notes when given the option. I'm firmly in the typed notes class. Lets you rearrange stuff as necessary, is quicker, easily shared and it helps to have copy & paste when creating outlines. Also won't be at risk of losing it to water etc if you back it all up. Is it doable? Yes, the content (for most classes) can be kept up with by writing if you're good at note taking only the important points. But I'd never recommend it.
  6. My two cents after graduating Western: Spamtrap is an absolute joke. The only thing it blocks is the typical "business opportunities" emails that look to scam you out of money. Phishing emails are rampant, almost all of them are the exact same "mailbox full" or "deactivated account", and people somehow keep falling for them. TL:DR, ANYTHING that asks you to log in is fake. Anything authentic can be accessed without clicking anything, but by going through OWL/student.uwo.ca My workaround solution was to set everything to forward to my personal GMail (they disabled POP3 when they migrated to Office365). Every other competent email provider picks up on the phishing emails instantly and designates them as spam. Obviously, you'll have to send emails by actually logging in, but for the usual OWL notifications and whatnot, this works. I've also noticed a drastic decrease in these emails since becoming an alumni (well under 1 a month), so I get a feeling the bot must be using a mailing list that only targets current students.
  7. The time it takes to travel to Western proper and to Queen’s is basically identical. There’s a LOT more traffic west of Toronto, and main campus at UWO is incredibly far from the 401, it’s a good 20-30 minute drive through the city. Travel time is honestly a wash between the two. Cost is also a wash between the two, Queens with lower tuition but pricier rent. Just pick a city and go with it, both are fantastic options.
  8. You’re not getting that price for a one bed unless you’re incredibly lucky. And by waiting you’re definitely taking a risk, Kingston’s housing market is incredibly tight around campus. The longer you wait, the farther you’ll be from campus unless you pay up or fill a room of a house
  9. Sorry to pop your bubble mate, that's just median. The average is in the B+ range because the A-B+ range outweigh the B- to C grades.
  10. So what would you think the average for OCI hirings is?
  11. I basically opened up my LoC as soon as possible. I did firm accept early, so take it with a grain of salt, but even if they don't release the LoC funds immediately they give you the goodies like premium credit cards instantly. OSAP can be applied for any time before like 30 days before the end of your study period, and turnaround times are pretty quick if it's not your first application and nothing weird pops up. I'd definitely get that one in as soon as you firmly accept an offer, cause it doesn't hurt.
  12. I've also heard whispers of this, along with ditching small sections altogether from what I hear. Might take a year though, see how the new dean settles in.
  13. Desperate. Even if it wasn't, this is incredibly early to start worrying. Wait until the early offer deadlines roll around and schools know what they're working with.
  14. It's all about actuarial evidence. RBC's seen a history that Queen's students have had more difficulty repaying loans than other schools, and they compensate for the risk accordingly. Don't ever believe such a big bank does something without a serious amount of thought being put into it. Also OP, Scotia definitely gives prime for Queen's students, and comes with much better bonuses than TD. It shouldn't be hard to get, I asked for it over the phone saying it's the going rate and there was zero resistance to it.
  15. “Unofficial” ones are in the Queen’s bookstore permanently. The “real” ones are sold ~September-October for the 3L sale and a second round second semester. Don’t be the guy who wears the new sweater the next day, everyone does that shit.
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