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  1. I've also heard whispers of this, along with ditching small sections altogether from what I hear. Might take a year though, see how the new dean settles in.
  2. Desperate. Even if it wasn't, this is incredibly early to start worrying. Wait until the early offer deadlines roll around and schools know what they're working with.
  3. It's all about actuarial evidence. RBC's seen a history that Queen's students have had more difficulty repaying loans than other schools, and they compensate for the risk accordingly. Don't ever believe such a big bank does something without a serious amount of thought being put into it. Also OP, Scotia definitely gives prime for Queen's students, and comes with much better bonuses than TD. It shouldn't be hard to get, I asked for it over the phone saying it's the going rate and there was zero resistance to it.
  4. “Unofficial” ones are in the Queen’s bookstore permanently. The “real” ones are sold ~September-October for the 3L sale and a second round second semester. Don’t be the guy who wears the new sweater the next day, everyone does that shit.
  5. Not as far as I know. Just the course prize winners.
  6. This year, I believe there’s only been one prof giving out failsafe midterms, and that’s for Public. These aren’t true “failsafes” for the most part, but they’ll move around the weight. So it’ll be worth e.g. 10-25%, whichever benefits you.
  7. Sounds like you need to do your own CrimPro homework.
  8. Last I checked, Queen’s hasn’t released their first round of offers yet. This question seems a little premature.
  9. There's certainty, it lets you plan ahead for your life going forward, that's about it. But if you were waiting for options, I wouldn't have even provisionally accepted the offer until the April deadline for early admissions. Scholarship money is on a rolling basis as people are offered the money and decline, I've gotten a small one after I've firmly accepted, so that's not a factor. This also isn't like the US where you can pit schools against each other for funding.
  10. I'm gonna seem like the gunner here, but I hate not knowing and need to be able to damage control. Any idea of what the rough timeframe is for December exam marks to be released?
  11. The best way to get ahead of cold calling is to answer something stupid basic before they start picking people... And some profs REALLY like to stir the pot between students on controversial topics. Just don't engage.
  12. Someone may have to check my recollection, but I believe they don’t pull from LSAC until after you pay for and submit the application. They definitely didn’t pull it instantly.
  13. GPA of any description will always be per course. The objective of the GPA scale is to penalize inconsistency, hence the scoring bands.
  14. Unless there's a new style of game, that's the only time I think there'd be a tangible difference. I studied for Sept 2017 out of the 2014 books and did just fine.
  15. If it's taking you an hour to write your LSAT sections and you're still hugely underperforming, I can't in good faith recommend writing the LSAT in a couple days. Since I assume it's paid for and non-refundable, you may as well use it as a practice, but I wouldn't want to be submitting that score. But this is all your call. And as to the thread title, I can guarantee you nobody has gotten into UofT (or any law school) with a November LSAT, but this is also me being a pedantic asshole about the fact that this is the first time ever a November LSAT has been administered.
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