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  1. RNGesus

    Things I Wish I Knew (Before Starting Law School)

    The best way to get ahead of cold calling is to answer something stupid basic before they start picking people... And some profs REALLY like to stir the pot between students on controversial topics. Just don't engage.
  2. RNGesus

    OLSAS LSAT question

    Someone may have to check my recollection, but I believe they don’t pull from LSAC until after you pay for and submit the application. They definitely didn’t pull it instantly.
  3. GPA of any description will always be per course. The objective of the GPA scale is to penalize inconsistency, hence the scoring bands.
  4. Unless there's a new style of game, that's the only time I think there'd be a tangible difference. I studied for Sept 2017 out of the 2014 books and did just fine.
  5. If it's taking you an hour to write your LSAT sections and you're still hugely underperforming, I can't in good faith recommend writing the LSAT in a couple days. Since I assume it's paid for and non-refundable, you may as well use it as a practice, but I wouldn't want to be submitting that score. But this is all your call. And as to the thread title, I can guarantee you nobody has gotten into UofT (or any law school) with a November LSAT, but this is also me being a pedantic asshole about the fact that this is the first time ever a November LSAT has been administered.
  6. So a brand new account that posts a 4 year old article and adds nothing to it, looking to get a reaction. Shitposting has gotten really lazy.
  7. RNGesus

    Ask a 1L!

    6000 characters is the limit. If (s)he’s at 1500 words, they’re way over the limit
  8. RNGesus

    Getting in Law school without finishing undergrad.

    I know one person accepted to UBC after 3 years of undergrad. It's doable, but he had stats up the wazoo and family connections abound. He chose to defer it and ended up going to Toronto instead. So yes, it's doable, but it's not something to count on. Do the four years.
  9. RNGesus


    You can bring a wallet with you into the test centre. And if you can't survive an hour long transit ride without your phone, that seems like a very first world problem...
  10. RNGesus

    Paying LOC Interest

    I'm not saying it'll cover all your interest charges on it. I'm saying it would have you paying slightly less, making you (strictly speaking) better off. Here's a quick example. I'm going to assume the same 4%/5% prime/div yield, you need to cover 30,000 and have 10,000 in assets (all simple interest) Scenario 1: Draining assets In this case, you're only borrowing $20,000. At current prime rate charges, that's going to be $800 of interest you owe in the first year. Scenario 2: Leveraging Assets Here, you're borrowing the full 30,000 while investing the $10,000 you already hold, for interest charges of $1200. But now, the 10,000 squirrelled away is giving out $500, making the effective cost of interest on the year $700. Note that you're still paying the cost of interest, you're just saving yourself some of it. Also keep in mind that this is only an example of the first year. The interest values should begin to diverge slightly as the years go on as the yields continue to compound at a faster rate (if the money is being reinvested) or by reducing the compounding of your own interest (if the dividends are used to pay off interest). Being able to cover all your LOC interest is a theoretical option, but nobody who needs the LOC should be leveraging themselves that far, unless they have a crazy risk-loving preference.
  11. This is a quick demonstration of how the media manages to mangle headlines. It's not saying that cGPA/LSAT only make up 35-60% of the Adcom's decision on whether to admit you or not, but that the two numbers taken together (and without further context) can explain 35-60% of the variation in one's odds of acceptance, or the predictive power of the model. (Here's to showing that more intensive stats courses are needed as part of every undergrad degree) And ECs don't matter with strong stats outside of schools like Windsor. I applied with basically no ECs, went in with two small jobs and a volunteering gig the start of 4th year that I thought looked disingenuous as fuck. Still got early offers with stats a decent bit weaker than your own from mid tier Ontario schools.
  12. RNGesus

    Paying LOC Interest

    Again, this all depends on your returns and risk margins. You're basically playing a game of arbitrage between market returns and prime rate, pocketing (possibly paying) the difference. If you can turn 5% returns in dividends and use them to pay off the 4% prime rate of interest, it makes theoretical sense to invest. All of this being said, with everything you've said in this thread it suggests that your financial literacy isn't high enough to warrant trying to invest for such small margins (not trying to offend here). The reason I'm choosing to stay leveraged like this is because it would cost me a decent amount to get out of my current investments, making it not worth pulling out. You haven't invested, so just burn the 10K.
  13. You fucked up. OSAP is a negative interest loan while you're in school, as mentioned above. Additionally, you may lose eligibility for any financial aid as you opted for the grant only, implying you don't need the money.
  14. GPA and percentages are not comparable outside a rough guideline, making this a very meaningless comparison. Convert your own grades properly. Edit: neither of the links you posted line up because GPA is not a standardized scale. OLSAS GPA varies greatly from American GPAs, and UBC is on a 4.33 scale where UVic is a 4.0. OLSAS is a decent guideline, but you'd have to ask Admissions for an exact scale.
  15. RNGesus

    Privilege is...

    Is this not the primary reason any of us go to law school? I mean, it’s not in my personal statement, but we all know it’s why we do it.