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  1. I did an exchange and I took courses in another Canadian university as well. I got into Osgoode a few days ago. You still have to send in your exchange transcript to all your universities, so if you're going to slack (which is understandable and I did too but did end up with As) you should keep that in mind. Why would it have any disadvantages? It's the one of the best things that ever happened to me and if you're worried you should just do a little bit of work to get decent grades (I don't know where you go but honestly I can say very likely you'll find non-North American schools a joke. At least that was my experience and the experience of many of my friends).
  2. Yes, I also had a C+ that was excluded from my GPA die to extenuating circumstances included and brought me from 3.78 down to 3.73. I asked them about it and they said it's what it is and schools may themselves decide not to include it.
  3. I'm shaking but I'm in! 3.73 OLSAS, 157, 164 (though that's my december LSAT and I doubt they've received it yet). very strong LORs, PS, ECs, part b
  4. Contact them again. They've been very responsive to me so they should've fixed the error by now.
  5. They updated my GPA the day after I emailed them.
  6. I emailed them about it, will update once I get a response.
  7. I don't have a year by year GPA. I wonder if it's because i took 5 years.
  8. Consider getting a tutor (that is if you're able to). I got a 157 in September and rewrote in December, and I think it went well. However, if I'm to rewrite again, I'm going to get a tutor. I actually wish I had gotten one for my second write anyway. I also used 7sage and PS. Since you're done the 7sage CC, drilling is invaluable and your best friend. Tho every once in a while you should go back to CC/PS. For myself, I fixed my low 160s PT plateau by getting 7sage in July, and before going into decemver exam I was at a mid 160s plateau. I don't think, if I'm to rewrite, I can change that without a tutor tho.
  9. I have seen many people get in before their second LSAT is out on this website.
  10. I can't give you a percentage because I don't know but I've definitely seen people with your stats or lower LSAT get in. Check previous accepted threads!
  11. I saw on LSAC that they gave around 550 in 2016 I believe
  12. I'm rewriting and my file is complete. You should contact them.
  13. Thanks for letting us know! I have a question though: do they not look at your personal statements etc before next year then? I'm a bit confused about your remark about the holistic analysis, because while most people who got in early in previous years had great stats, there were many with very similar stats that got in like in January.
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