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  1. Hey how do I calculate my index ? I also applied in discretionary. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Hey can you tell me how do I calculate what my index is? I can't find any info online? Many thanks.
  3. Hi All May anyone share their opinion on if they believe a college instructor counts as an academic ref? I have only one professor from my time in uni due to motor-vehicle-accident related reasons, and my second strong letter comes from my college paralegal studies program where my college instructor (has an MBA, Masters, is a paralegal) taught me two courses and knows me well. . has acted as my academic reference for OLSAS applications. . Yet Dal's online app states university teachers are academic references, but this isn't ever mentioned anywhere else. Just want clarity guys. Many thanks, Jellybean P.S. I do have a strong employment reference from my paralegal placement - the employer being a sole proprietor of her own Paralegal firm and is a Law Society of Ontario accredited mentor. . . (also had used her as a non academic / employment ref for OLSAS apps).
  4. Hey were there other schools you applied to and also got accepted? Similar situation and stats as you. Ty
  5. No you cant change the cGPA of your degree, my 2.7 is based off of OLSAS, for york u in relation to the OLSAS chart I should be 3.0, I have a B for York's standard, but Im saying 2.7 because for other schools.. york's B on the OLSAS chart is a 2.7
  6. Hello, I have a cGPA of roughly 2.7 (thats a low estimate, for some schools the CGPA might be a 2.8/2.9) from York U, Hons BA, (CSC too from my time in banking), licensed Paralegal, law school was always the plan. Reason for the cGPA being so low was a lawsuit where i got hit by a car crossing the street in the summer right before I first started university... the lawsuit dragged on throughout all of university, long and short of it is I suffered from physical/psychological impacts. What are my chances of getting into which schools, schools close to and on the opposite side of our Canadian border are also a possibility. I have just been licensed as a paralegal, and want to go to law school because paralegals are limited in what type of law they can practise alone in regards to IP law (I even have some professional experience with SDA's). Paralegals are not allowed to practise in that law by themselves, unless of course with a lawyer. So once again, my question is what are my chances of getting into which schools, and schools close to and on the opposite side of our Canadian border are also a possibility. (I currently have no debt, and 20k CAD saved up). Thank you everyone in advance. My best, Jellybean25.
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