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  1. LSAT: 167 / cgpa: 3.56 / L2: 3.72 / work experience: very good / volunteerism: crap / references: good I've applied to Western, Windsor, Queen's, and uOttawa and am just surprised/worried I haven't heard back from any of them. I had thought I had good stats, personal statement etc. but now I'm wondering if there's some hole in my application somewhere. One obvious issue is that my Official Exchange Transcript didn't arrive until January and I had a couple very low marks (French grading system is very different though) but I'd read that the grades from exchange don't matter to nearly every Canadian law school... It would seem I am destined for the long wait into May/June, but I was wondering if anyone else had been in a similar position as me and what ended up happening. Thanks,
  2. Thanks all! Really gunning for Queen's. Tip wise - I really liked The LSAT Trainer book, condenses info way more than powerscore. But ultimately just buying packets of old LSATs and doing them under the actual conditions is, I believe, the best way to study. In studying for my second write I'm actually redoing each practice test a day or two after first writing it which I heard would help and I think it is. I didn't go for memorizing structure and word paths, just repetition taught me most about LR. LG obviously takes a bunch of memorizing diagramming and getting used to the most efficient routes to answer. I honestly didn't even study RC cause it was never a problem until the actual test... that is now changing but tbh I lost track of time in the Sept 2017 RC section and I know I must have been just wiped (RC was my final section) because I also didn't just temporarily skip the judicial candor text but instead kept rereading a paragraph at a time #ragrets So ya, definitely do PT's with your watch on the desk not with a phone timer (like I practiced), really learn the types of LG and best diagram practices which work for you, and for LR just repetition. Again though, I only got a 162 so take my advice with a grain of salt lol, though I would mention that before hand I was averaging a 166 and I'm now averaging a 167.
  3. Hello, just hoping to get a feel for my chances at Western, uOttawa, and Queens. Great job experience, sub-par volunteering/extra-curriculars, decent references, and what I feel is a pretty good personal statement. I will almost certainly be averaging above a 3.7 this semester, and I am rewriting the LSAT Dec. 2nd because a 162 was definitely my floor (half my wrong answers were in the last 14 questions - damn that judicial candor). PTs put me between 164 and 168, but I'd still appreciate a straight appraisal of the stats listed in the title. Thanks!
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