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  1. Just got waitlisted L2: 3.67 LSAT: 156
  2. Thank you everyone! Much appreciated.
  3. Regular applicant, my deadline is also April 8th. I submitted my application November 1st
  4. Accepted today L2: 3.76/4.33 (confirmed) LSAT: 156 Alberta resident
  5. L2: 3.72/4.3 LSAT: 156 Current 4th year student at the University of Alberta Don't know how to rate my Sask connection. I was born in Saskatoon, went to school in Saskatoon up until grade 2. Parent is graduate of U of S, all of my extended family lives in Saskatchewan.
  6. I didn't receive an email, I applied November 1st. Did you guys receive this email in response to an email you sent them? Sorry I'm just a little confused. I've called and spoken to the admissions office a few times and each time the date that I'm supposed to hear about admissions get pushed back about a week. The last time I called I think I was told sometime between the last week of February and first week of March
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