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  1. Just to share, I called around to all the local banks to ask about their professional student lines of credit for the JD program at Osgoode. Their maximum ranges from 100,000-135,000 and the interest rates are as follows: BMO: prime + 1% CIBC: prime + 1% Scotiabank: prime + 0.5% TD: prime RBC: prime Prime is currently 3.7%
  2. aspiringlawyer123

    2018/2019 Sessional Dates Posted!!

    Once we’ve accepted the offer on OLSAS and paid the deposit, is there anything else we need to do?
  3. aspiringlawyer123

    Low cGPA 3.1

    What are your extra curriculars like and how good do you think your references will be?
  4. aspiringlawyer123

    Ask a 1L — 2018 Edition

    Hey! Just wondering where you saw the 1L schedules. Please share if you get a chance.
  5. aspiringlawyer123

    Accepted to Osgoode Hall 2018

    Got accepted yesterday! 3.1/3.5/164/MA Outstanding ECs and incredible references.
  6. aspiringlawyer123

    Does anyone experience this?

    All of this advice is incredible. Something else I found to be helpful was splashing my face with cold water before the test and during the break. It woke me up, allowed me to be alert, and gave me a sort of “let’s rally” pump up that allowed me to be focus, determined and refreshed. Also self talk is very helpful. Arguably the best thing I did to bring up my score. Telling myself that I have this and constantly reassuring myself that I know what to expect and that I can rock this test helped a lot. When I found myself stressing over the timing factor, I timed myself instead of for 35 mins, just allowing the timer to go. When I noticed that I could comfortably finish a section in 40-45 mins, it allowed me to realize that I just needed to make small changes to feel comfortable at 35 mins. When I started to consistently implement section management techniques (LR: predicting - picking and quitting, making a strategic decision to get out of a hard question early, identifying hard questions and leaving them for last, RC: triaging passages and question types, LG: taking more time in my set up to save time in the question set, etc) I found myself cutting out so much unnecessary time and I was able to comfortably finish a section by 32 mins and I found that when I felt like I had control over the test, it made a huge difference and I didn’t have timing anxiety anymore. Feel free to PM me for more details if you’d like!
  7. I’ve written at both. Queen’s Collegiate is FAR better. At Dewey the people were super nice, but it was super noisy and distracting. I could hear one of the administration lady’s yelling on the phone for about 20 minutes during reading comprehension. Queen’s Collegiate was a lot quieter, more professional and significantly more conducive to performing better.
  8. aspiringlawyer123

    Recommended readings to prep for law school?

    1L of a Ride is amazing to help you prepare for law school.
  9. aspiringlawyer123

    Answer Sheet not posted on LSAC yet?

    Proflucas is right, all Feb LSATs are undisclosed.
  10. Can anybody shed some light on the challenges someone would face in wanting to practice law in Ontario if they went to law school in Calgary/anywhere else out of province? Thanks so much!!
  11. aspiringlawyer123

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    Also accepted today! Cgpa: 3.1 L2: 3.5 LSAT: 159 MA 3.7. Very strong ECs, references and PS.
  12. aspiringlawyer123

    Is anyone still Incomplete?

    I'm still pending review
  13. aspiringlawyer123

    Is anyone still Incomplete?

    Same situation as you. Pending review and no documentation received, although my LSAT and GPA appear.
  14. aspiringlawyer123

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    When do those that received offers need to provisionally accept by?
  15. aspiringlawyer123

    Accepted 2018

    When do those that received offers need to provisionally accept by?