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  1. We have a very complicated Research and Writing assignment that's throwing me for a loop. The question calls for us to "Provide the proper legal citation of this amending act." The act it's referring to is an act that amended another act. To find the act, you have to obviously search source law (in ontario) and every act in source law contains its bill number. I was pretty sure I'm supposed to ignore the Bill number, since it's a bill that received royal assent and is now law, ie. Short Name of Act , SO Year, c # However, in the McGill guide 9th ed, under section 2.4 "Bills" page E-29, there's an example citation that reads "Bill 59, An Act to amend the Civil Code as regards marriage , 1st Sess, 37th Leg, Quebec, 2004 (assented to 10 Novemeber 2004), SQ 2004, c 23. My question is IF A BILL IS ASSENTED TO, WHY WOULD YOU USE THIS CITATION? Wouldn't you just use the standard statute citation? I'm incredibly confused and it's getting late. lol
  2. Really sad to be rejecting the offer, but I hope one of you guys nab it. Choosing to go to Windsor. 166 lsat, 3.9 L2.
  3. Accepted last month 166 LSAT, 3.9. Rejecting because I'm going to Windsor. Best of luck!
  4. Accepted last month. 166 LSAT 3.9. See you in September!
  5. I'd rethink your assumption. My score was 166 with 3.9 and I was accepted. I'm aware of many 164+ that were also accepted.
  6. How important is Tort class for L1s? I'm considering a University that's potentially removing Torts for first year and offering it in second year in favour of a compulsory Aboriginal Law course. They've also removed the "intro to legal skills" type class for another social justice oriented class. I'm worried I'm not going to be receiving the same 1st year education that other Ontario law students receive. Are there any significant problems you forsee? Or am I worrying over nothing?
  7. So is this event only for those who have been offered acceptances?
  8. I think you meant to say that his parent's income isn't relevant to OSAP anymore. Your age or length of time away from school will never disqualify you from OSAP.
  9. There is a downside to applying, as they have to pull what's called a "hard check" on your credit file, which will temporarily lower your credit score. Also, if you have say a $150,000 LOC and aren't utilizing ~$15,000 on it, it'll count against your usage rating (which you want to keep at 10% to maximize your credit score, this may be different for student loan LOC's, so this point may be moot). That being said, definitely get the LOC. Even if you never intend on using it (which you will 100% if you're not living at home for law school since your base tuition is $23,000 and OSAP only gives you $17,000), it's nice to have the peace of mind.
  10. During the welcome day, I spoke to many current 1L students that were under 160 LSAT. Don't believe anything you hear on these boards.
  11. You're not on a waitlist. That was a rather disingenuous post title.
  12. It's disheartening. I think you can take it for however you want to. I guess they've made their position clear. The question is, how are you going to feel about it?
  13. Also pending. 166 LSAT, 3.92 L2, 3.24 CGPA.
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