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  1. Congratulations! Did you apply general or access?
  2. Also unfortunately received a “unsuccessful” response. 3.1 gpa, 156 lsat, around 3.4 l2. Applied access, mature student with social work background. Good volunteer and extracurriculars. First time applicant, but not last time applicant. Good luck to the rest of you!
  3. What date do they require you to accept/reject the offer by?
  4. Congratulations! What is your deadline to accept?
  5. I emailed to ask when I could expect a decision and when the class will be filled and they replied that everyone will receive a decision once the class is filled in early to mid June. They advised that they do not disclose ranking details before a decision is made. So we have a few weeks left to hear. I haven’t heard of anyone being waitlisted yet but there have been rejections so it appears that “pending” means there is still hope at this point. The Facebook page for the 2021 class shows around 163 members last time I checked (including some faculty) so there are still several spots left (assuming everyone who has firm accepted has joined the Facebook page). Good luck to everyone still “pending”!
  6. Congratulations! Did you apply general or access?
  7. Congratulations! Did you apply general or access?
  8. You can also go to the awards website and download the form. You can fill it out on your computer or print it and write it out. The email is on the webpage for where to send it back. http://www.queensu.ca/studentawards/forms/admission-awards
  9. Congratulations! Did you apply general or access?
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