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  1. hey! I was looking at this year's 1L schedules, and it looks like you get a bit of a choice in the winter semester for what classes you take, I was just wondering how many classes you get to choose and from how many? thanks
  2. If you just have a few outlying classes pulling you down- both UVic and UBC drop a few of your worst classes from their GPA calculation
  3. ^Sorry, you're right that's correct. In the case of LOCs they will have to pull a full check, the reason that this can impact you is basically because you might be a "credit seeker" - basically trying to use some opportunity to get too much credit, which is why it does impact your score a bit. I would suggest only applying for LOCs at places you're very serious about, and again its not a huge amount, so if your credit is fine, you shouldn't be too hurt.
  4. Just so ya'll know, every time you pull a credit check, it actually dings your score a little, not a lot, but a little. So don't check it unless you really need to know.
  5. what the dang heck, my stats are almost the exact same, and I've been under evaluation for 100 years
  6. what the dang heck, my stats are almost the exact same, and I've been under evaluation for 100 years
  7. Oh that't really annoying, so you basically won't know how much Osgoode is willing to give you until you're already a student?
  8. Hey, so I know these two have already been done together, or with some combination of U of T/ Western but I haven't really found all the answers that I'm looking for so I was hoping for your help! I've broken it down into the factors/pros/cons that I'm considering. Queens -I went to UVic for undergrad so I feel more comfortable at a smaller school -Community is important to me, and Queens seems to have such a good one -I think I'm interested in criminal, and it would be a good opportunity to be near the prison -Cheaper tuition/living than Osgoode -The international law program in a castle looks 10/10 Osgoode - Osgoode seems to have a lot of room to grow -more diverse student body than Queens -closer to my family, in Hamilton, but if I went to Queens I would get a car -it would be nice to live with other law students in Osgoode Chambers - From what I hear, it has the most class options for criminal, plus a lawyer I used to work for once said "if you want to be a litigator- go to Osgoode" -location networking oppertunities -more expensive tuition/ living I already have a fair amount of student debt, so maybe once I know how much each school may offer me in bursaries will also help to make the decision. I guess what I'm ultimately trying to figure out is if I think Osgoode is worth the extra cost for me. In advance- THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH
  9. also in! CGPA 3.6, L2 3.9, 162 did anyone hear about the bursary yet?
  10. has anyone gotten the letter about their bursary assessment yet? that would be nice information to have!
  11. I would suggest doing an in person prep course. Some people will say you really don't need it, but mine honestly really helped me. I did the Oxford 48 hour one. I think Dal puts less emphasis on the LSAT than other schools do, but I think you will still need to bring your score up a bit. Also Windsor's median GPA is a lot lower than yours, so that might help to offset the LSAT a bit, but again I think you would have to improve a little bit. Good luck!
  12. I've been accepted at Osgoode, so like 95% chance it will be there. Waiting to hear from Queens before I make any final decisions though!
  13. I knew someone who was wait-listed at Western with a 156, I'm not sure what their GPA was though. Good Luck!
  14. Hey everyone, I was accepted Wednesday and declined today to make room for one of you lovely people! CGPA 3.6, L2 3.9, 162
  15. What letter does your last name start with?
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